Gutzy Gear Product Review and Giveaway

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Looking for a fun way for your children to personalize their backpacks, messenger bags, and more?  Check out Gutzy Gear!  Gutzies are unique removable patches that attach to Gutzy Strap Covers.
Kids can collect them, stick them, and trade them!

There are Gutzies for girls!
There are Gutzies for boys!

My children were lucky enough to host their own Gutzy Gear party.  Each child received their own Gutzy Gear straps and several Gutzy patches to personalize their backpacks.  There were so many adorable patches to choose from that they had a hard time choosing!
The children were all especially excited to head over to Toys R Us and check out their selection of Gutzy Gear, especially when I told them that they will be selling Monster High and Sponge Bob Gutzies!

They had fun selecting their favorite Gutzies!

And even more fun trading them with each other!

The children especially liked playing some of the fun games that Gutzy Gear sent to us.  They played Gutzy Gear Bingo, colored their own Gutzy pictures and their favorite game- the Gutzy Game Domino Race!

Want to experience your own Gutzy Gear fun?  Launching this summer you can find Gutzies at Target, Walmart, Kmart, Toys R Us, and Office Depot, plus you can find them at local boutiques around the country!
Want even more Gutzy fun?
Head over to Gutzy Gear’s website to check out all their fun styles, games, send ecards, design your own Gutzies, and LOTS more!
You an buy Gutzies, here.
You can also find them on Facebook here.
Want to win your own Gutzies?
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  1. How fun! Love these!

  2. I love Gutzy Gear! Your pictures are great and it looks like the party was a big success!

  3. My family and I love Gutzy Gear! These are so fun. My kids love personalizing their backpacks with these. Sounds like you had a great party! We cannot wait to host ours in a few weeks!!

  4. My girls just saw these at Learning Express and wanted them for their
    new backpacks! They are cool!~

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