Got The Winter Blues? Awesome Things To Do With Your Kids When It’s Cold Outside

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So, just because Christmas is over, that doesn’t mean the weather is getting any better. In fact, it feels as though it is colder than ever right now. The problem with that is that children want to get out and do things. Nobody likes staying inside all day long, least of all kids. That means that you need to think of some cool ideas for you and your children. You want to keep them busy, but you don’t want them to catch a cold. Tricky, huh? Here are some awesome ways to entertain your little ones this winter.

Throw a slumber party

When I was a kid, slumber parties were my ultimate favorite thing to do. One of the best things, about having a sleepover, was that you got to stay up late and watch films. If you can handle it, you should let your kid throw a slumber party. Invite kids from the neighborhood to come over and stay the night. Don’t forget to get permission from everybody’s parents. You can plan some fun slumber party activities and even make the kids some hot cocoa.

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Visit an educational landmark

If you want to take your children on a day trip, but you don’t wish to pay a fortune, you could consider taking them to see a landmark. Many historical houses and monuments offer free entry for families, and so you can have a fantastic day for nothing. If you are lucky enough to live in an historic neighborhood there will be loads of places you can visit. Choose an old-fashioned home so that you and your kids are warm. Educational days out are an excellent way to bond with your little ones and teach them new things. Ensure that you check the opening times of each attraction. During the winter, some attractions close earlier than usual.

Have a snowman making competition

If your kids simply must play outside in the snow, you need to ensure that you can supervise them. One way to do so is to host a snowman making competition. You can be the judge, which means that you get to watch what they are doing without them complaining about it. Wrap your kids up warm before they play outside and don’t let them spend too long out in the cold. You could give your children a time limit in which to make their snowmen. That way, you can make sure that they come back inside after a few minutes.

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Have a movie marathon

Some people will tell you that TV is damaging for your children. Sure, if you let your kids watch cartoons all day every day, it is not the best. That said, now that it is winter, it is time to have a good old-fashioned movie day with your children. My kids watched The Book of Life recently and loved it. Choose films that are family friendly so that everybody can enjoy them. Many children’s movies are also enjoyable for adults. You could even make a fort inside and enjoy some movie snacks while you watch your favorite films.


Print off activities for them


If you want something quick and easy for your children to do, you should look online for activities. There are loads of websites that offer printable activity sheets for children of all ages. If your kids love coloring, you can print off some pictures for them to color during the day. There are also educational activity sheets that might be fun for your children. I have found that it is useful to print off a load of these activities and keep them in a drawer. Whenever your kids want something to do, you will have a sheet ready for them.

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