Garden Update #3

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We started a garden almost 2 weeks ago and things are growing!  Here’s what the garden started out looking like.  We were able to harvest our first fruit today- two blueberries and a strawberry.
P1130500I brought them in the house, washed them, photographed them, and then somehow I threw away the paper towel they were wrapped in.  DOH!  So we didn’t even get to eat the fruits of our labor!
Here’s a peek at how our garden is growing:
P1130468Our strawberries are getting nice and red!
P1130470 Our tomato plants are growing flowers!P1130471 Our herbs are growing:P1130473 How cute is our blueberry?!?! 😉P1130474 Our blueberry plants are growing:P1130475 Our strawberry plants are growing:P1130478 Look at the tiny bell pepper that is growing:P1130479 Our cucumbers are growing:P1130480


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