Fun In The Dark- A Glow Crazy Review and Giveaway

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Have you ever doodled with light?

As a mom I am always looking for fun things for my daughters.  My daughters and I recently saw a commercial for Glow Crazy and it looked like fun so I contacted them.  They were nice enough to send me one Glow Crazy Distance Doodler and one Glow Crazy Glow To Go to try out.

With Glow Crazy you doodle with light.  To use the Glow Crazy you need a completely dark room.  The Glow Crazy Distance Doodler comes with 4 Glow Clings to draw on.  These Glow Clings easily stick onto your walls but can be removed easily and put somewhere else with no damage.  Turn off the lights, press the large button on the top of the Dual-Action Glow Wand, and direct it towards the Glow Clings.  You can draw on the Glow Clings from as far away as 10 feet.  My kids and I had a lot of fun writing notes to each other in the dark.  We were also able to use the stencils that came with the Glow Crazy Distance Doodler to make shapes on the wall, too.  When we wanted to erase our creations we were able to either wait until they slowly disappeared or used the wider beam feature to erase our drawings.  It was a lot of fun drawing in the dark.  And as a mom I like that there is no mess.  It’s great that it comes with 4 Glow Clings to cover a larger area.  I just wish it came with 2 wands.

The Glow Crazy Glow to Go works the same way that the Glow Crazy Distance Doodler only it is compact and can be taken with you.  I like that the Light Wand is attached by a cord so children can’t loose it (thus rendering the toy useless).  And I also like that there is a zippered storage compartment in the middle to store the stencils.  My kids can’t wait to try the Glow Crazy Glow on the Go in the car the next time we are out at night.

Glow Crazy also makes a Doodle Dome which is a tent that you can use day or night.  You sit inside it with the flap closed to keep light out.  Then you doodle on the walls of the tent with the Glow Crazy Wand.  I think my girls would LOVE this.  They love tents and they love doodling.  What would be better?

•       GlowCrazy is great for car trips, sleepovers, anywhere in the dark and at nighttime!
•       The way our glow in the dark technology works from across a room is magical and bound to arouse curiosity in fertile minds.
•       Our fun science characters (Captain Crazy and the Glow Patrol) make learning about science more kid friendly, and our team of educators is producing features that will be helpful in explaining the mysteries of the physical world to our future world leaders.
•       The success of these activities inspires curiosity in young minds and helps fuel an unquenchable thirst for learning.
•       Kids are looking for the hottest new toys to get their hands on this summer and we know that Glow Crazy is the next big thing!

It was very hard to take a picture in the dark but here is a butterfly I made with the stencil. 🙂

Glow Crazy is having a special right now.  On October 22 and 23rd, 2011 only, you can get a Free Glow Glove with purchase of a Distance Doodler from Walmart , Toys ”R” Us or your local retailer!

Simply send your receipt, UPC from the box and the shipping form below to Glow Crazy, 150 Elm Street, East Aurora, NY 14052 and they’ll send you the incredible Glow Glove absolutely free!!

Print your shipping form here.

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  1. Tiffany Laventure says:

    glow to go looks kool, but they both are nice

  2. Amanda Moree says:

    I like the Doodle Dome and the Distance Doodler. They both look like so much fun! 🙂

  3. My son had the dome. Think he would love the doodler.

  4. Michelle Hayden says:

    I think the GlowCrazy on your clothes tag game sounds pretty great. Thanks for the giveaway!
    lambeaugal at

  5. Julie Lynn Bickham says:

    My son would love the Glow Glove

  6. Stefany Flynn says:

    I love the glow wand! My daughter would LOVE this!

  7. tina demarco says:

    i actually love em all n wish so bad they had something like this when i was a kid i get so mad all the goodies out there today and what boring stuff i had as a kid!

  8. Glow to go would be kwl!

  9. Jennifer Boehme says:

    The Distance Doodler looks nice, but all their products look like fun!

  10. My kids would LOVE LOVE LOVE the Doodle Dome.

  11. ashley brown says:

    Doodle Dome

  12. Dee Dee Gilliam says:

    Glow to Go looks neat!!

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