From Fruit to Wine- Wine Making Kit Review

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Wine! Who doesn’t like wine? Ok, maybe some people, but for the most part wine
offers a wide array of styles and almost endless combinations of flavors that
make it simple for each person to find their favorite type of wine. Have you
ever been curious about how wine is made? Common knowledge is that you start
with grapes, then squish them to extract the juice (most prestigious wineries
and vineyards still employ people to stomp on the grapes with their bare feet),
let nature and fermentation work their magic, age it in a barrel and tah dah!!
You’ve got Wine!

You may think its complicated to make wine or maybe you think its rather
simple, but the truth is that its really just like everything out there. There
are processes and procedures to follow, if you get the process right then you
have a good result. In this case the result is wine.
Yup, think that you can actually get a step by step manual and a complete tool
kit to make your own wine.  Too good to be true? Not really, but to be honest
with you, when I first got my kit; I thought to myself, mmmm does this really
work? And guess what, it does!

With the From Fruit to Wine Kit you receive all the ingredients necessary like yeast, juice,
enzymes, etc. all the tools such as buckets, spigot, and lids, so you are ready
to go.  It even includes a book with information about wine history, the wine making process,
wine tasting, and wine parties.  The only thing you need are bottles.
I figured the only reason it doesn’t include bottles is because you would probably run out rather fast!

We started our ingredients, followed the step-by-step manual, gave it the time
necessary and before we knew it, my wife and I had just made wine! How cool is
that? We both spent little time organizing and putting things together and we
both made our own blend of wine.  Not to mention that it was also a pretty
cool experience for both of us and allowed us to spend some time together. We
picked up some bottles at the store and we are even considering getting labels
made to put the finishing touch on the project and feel like we have our own
brand of wine.

How much did you pay for your last bottle of wine at the restaurant or at the
convenience store? What if you could take part in a engaging activity and make
your own wine and spend much less money than at the store or only a fraction of
what a bottle of wine costs at a restaurant?

We did it, we had no clue how to, but thats where this kit is more than just a
recipe; its a comprehensive guide.  It takes about 7 weeks to complete the process but
it was totally worth it.  Our wine is what I would describe as a very
smooth and fruity Merlot (pronounced Merl-oh) and we called it 3M which stands
for our nickname M&M and a third M for Merlot.

You owe it to yourself, experience something completely new, experience
something out of the ordinary.  You never know what you can get out of it…
well, in this case, you’ll at least get a great bottle of wine!
Want to learn more?  You can purchase a wine making kit for around $100 at
From Fruit To Wine.

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