Four Easy Steps To Finding Your Perfect Home

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It’s one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. And where you choose to live can have a huge impact – on your health, your life prospects and your happiness. But too often buying a home is something that gets rushed into. You’re keen to begin your new life, you find a property you like the look of and before you know it, a sale is going through. But before you get to that point, take a minute to consider the following points and really make sure that this is a home that will serve you well for years to come:

Find out what ‘perfect’ means to you

Everyone’s idea of the ideal home is different, so make sure your not too influenced by homes magazines and eager realtors. Go into the process knowing exactly what perfect means to you. Make sure you browse plenty of real estate websites to find your ideal fit, from oceanside apartments in Miami ( see for some beautiful views) or cabins in the Black Mountains of North Carolina (the properties at are unreal).

Decide on a budget

Now before you view any homes, it’s vital to have a clear idea of your budget. Make sure you’ve compared mortgage lenders and approach a few to see what amounts and rates you’ll be able to get. With this new knowledge, fine tune your preferences. You may not be able to stretch to a mansion, but you can certainly find a home in your dream situation.

Could you remodel?

If a home isn’t immediately appealing to you, consider whether you could make it your dream home with a remodel. They don’t always have to be drastic- sometimes a coat of paint, and new windows and exterior doors can facelift a tired house in the right location. Or if the layout is wrong, could you reconfigure it? Take down walls, add an extension? Try to see possibilities. The one thing you can’t change is where it is, so if that’s right, what else could you adapt? Most things can be changed- you just need to make sure that the agreed sale price leaves enough over in your budget to get the works done- you may have to learn to negotiate!

Do your research

Even a dream home can turn into a nightmare if you make unexpected discoveries during or after purchase. So make sure you get a real feel for the neighbourhood. Visit at different times of the day to see if the noise or traffic throws up anything unexpected. Check out any local planning applications to learn about new developments that could change the feel of the areas. Use the internet to research demographic information about house sale prices, school performance and crime rates. If you can, chat to some locals and get a feel for the area. Only then can you know that you’ve truly found your ideal new home.

Take your time, consider all the different factors and you really can find your forever home to invest in.

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