Five Things to Check Before Buying a New Home

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Buying a new home is a trying business. You are excited to start fresh, move in to your new home, and begin your life. You also worry about making the right decision, financing, and more. When you are house searching, take your time. Rushing into something because you are tired of looking won’t bring you satisfaction. Similarly, don’t get too excited when you think you’ve found the perfect home – there could be underlying problems that could cost you thousands of dollars to rectify. To help you, here are five things for you to check before you buy a new house:

  1. Make Sure Everything Works

When you view a home, ask for permission to ensure everything works. This means everything from making sure doors open easily to facets turn on and toilets flush. If something doesn’t work, it could be a sign that the house has been neglected or a greater, underlying issue that could cost more than the house is worth.

  1. Check the Plumbing

It’s time to get down on your knees and check the plumbing wherever it is visible. Leaks and mold are bad signs. Mold can be particularly harmful to young children, seniors, and those with asthma, so it’s best to check. Working, new, and clean pipes are what you want in your new home.

  1. Insulation Quality

In many cases, you will be able to judge insulation quality just by sight. Single-pane windows and drafty doors are easy to spot and are a sure-fire sign that the rest of the house isn’t insulated well either. In colder climates, houses require a a greater standard of insulation than homes in warm climates – but if your air-conditioned cold air escapes from your home, you’re still looking at high energy costs. You might be able to negotiate a lower property price if the insulation is not up to standard.

  1. There are No Infestations

Before you buy a home, you should have Reynolds Pest Control check for infestations in a Wood Destroying Organism Report (WDO). Termite infestations can weaken the structure of your home and leave you with hefty damages and health concerns. In warmer states, termite inspections should be done regularly, as the climate is perfect for termite colonies to thrive.

  1. It’s Up to Code

If the house has thus far made it through your own inspection checks, it is time to get the professionals involved. You should never buy a house without getting a home inspection done. Most problems they will uncover will be fixable, while others won’t be. It is always better to know beforehand. In some cases, you can even use the home inspection results to help you lower the cost of the house.

When you enter what might seem like your dream house, inspect it. If the house passes your preliminary inspections it is then time to bring in the professionals to thoroughly evaluate the property. A dream house that is on its last legs isn’t a good investment. Be thorough and patient – your dream home is out there and you will find it.


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