Fairy Tales Hair Care For Children Product Review and Giveaway

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As the mom of two daughters who both have long hair, one of my biggest fears is them getting lice.  Knock wood we’ve been lucky so far.  But I was beginning to wonder if our luck would run out.  Then I found out about Fairy Tales Lice Prevention Products.   Fairy Tales was nice enough to send me their Rosemary Repel Leave-In Conditioning Spray to review.  I love that their products are natural and not made of harsh chemicals so they are safe for my children.  This conditioning spray softens, detangles, and eliminates frizz while keeping lice away.  Rosemary Repel products are loaded with organic herbs of rosemary, citronella, peppermint, tea tree and lavender.   It is proven safe, gentle and effective to help prevent lice and great for all hair types.  I have been using it on my daughters’ hair daily to keep the lice away.  It can be used on wet or dry hair.

One product I am glad exists but hope I never need to test is Lice Good-Bye.  It removes head lice and their eggs naturally — without chemicals or pesticides!  It is formulated with enzymes that eliminate the bug and dissolve the sticky “nit glue”.  No-mess foaming mousse makes removal easy with comb provided.  New strain of “super lice” are increasingly resistant to the harsh, chemical removal treatments.  Lice Good-Bye is the only natural treatment proven effective to kill lice, “super lice” and their eggs.  Safe for repeated use during outbreak and head checks.  Simply pump the mousse into the palm of your hand and apply to damp hair.  Allow it to sit for 10 minutes and comb through hair section by section.  Wipe away residue after combing each section.


LICE FACTS From the Fairy Tales Website

 (check out Fairy Tale’s website for more detailed, helpful info)

There are more than 12 million cases of head lice reported in the US each year.
The majority of reported lice cases are in children age 3 to 11.
Lice infects people regardless of social status or personal hygiene.  Lice, in fact, like clean hair, not dirty hair, because it’s easier to attach to a clean hair shaft rather a dirty one.
The most common way to transfer lice is from heat to head contact.  They do not fly or jump- they only crawl.  It can take lice 30 second to move from head to head.
Lice can survive off a human head for 24-36hours and can therefore be transmitted through contact with pillows, hats, hairbrushes, helmets, and other personal items.
A full grown adult louse can live up to 30 days on a head and lay up to 100 eggs in her lifetime.

Fairy Tales had some great prevention tips on their website:


  • Avoid head to head contact at school and home.
  • Do not share clothing, hats, scarves, sports uniforms and helmets, coats and hair accessories
  • Do not share combs and brushes or towels
  • Do not lie in beds, on couches or car seats that have recently been in contact with an infested person

Lice are usually spread thru head to head contact and less frequently by lice that crawl.
Preschool and elementary-age children, 3-11, and their families are infested most often. Girls get head lice more often than boys. In the United States, African-Americans rarely get head lice. Personal hygiene or cleanliness in the home or school has nothing to do with getting head lice.


  • Do not worry about furniture sprays, they are useless. Vacuuming the areas such as floors, carpets, bedrooms, and couches is sufficient. Don’t forget to vacuum car seats!
  • Wash the bedding each morning in hot water. Dry on high heat for at least 20 minutes.
  • Store all stuffed animals, large comforters, etc. in a sealed plastic bag for 2 weeks.
  • Soak combs and brushes in Lysol or rubbing alcohol for at least 1 hour.
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  1. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I’d like to try the Rosemary Repel Creme Conditioner and Hair Spray. We currently use Babo Rosemary Tea Tree shampoo to repel. Those critters LOVE my dd’s hair and we battled for over a year before I finally found a repelling shampoo that is working! Well that and we started limiting how much dd was around my nieces who kept bringing them home from school! Unfortunately Babo doesn’t make a conditioner and my dd has to have a conditioner.

  2. Christine Allen says:

    I’d never heard of Fairy Tales Lice Prevention Products. It would be nice to win because it’s always nice to be prepared for the unfortunate visit from head lice. If you have a kid that goes to school, lice is bound to hit your home sooner or later. I love that their products are natural and not made of harsh chemicals. So they are safe for children and that’s wonderful!

  3. Rosemary Repel Shampoo
    I will love to try this one for my girls!

  4. raven webster says:

    I would like to have the rosemary shampoo on hand

  5. Haley Hollan Hernandez says:

    repel conditioning spray

  6. I’d LOVE this for my curly headed daughter 🙂

  7. Stevie Nanstad says:

    Lifeguard Clarifying Shampoo

  8. Trisha Scott says:

    Rosemary Repel Shampoo

  9. Karen Ziegler says:

    The DEET free bug bandit…

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