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Earth to Echo is beaming down to Blu-ray and DVD October 21st!  Here are some great ways to keep busy spending time with friends WITHOUT using electronics!

Earth to Echo is a tale told through the eyes of Tuck, Munch and Alex, a trio of pals who make an out-of-this-world discovery. The best friends venture out of their neighborhood to find the true meaning of friendship. After receiving signals on their phones, they meet Echo, a small, but amazingly energetic, alien trying to make his way back to his home planet. As they race to help their new friend, the boys will discover that little Echo has touched their hearts in unexpected ways and changed their lives forever. To prepare you for this adventurous, exciting and heart warming film, we have compiled a list of the best ways to spend time with your friends- outside and away from your cell phones!

pick up

  1. Pick Up Games

There is nothing like starting a sports pickup game with all your neighborhood friends. Between sitting in class all day and coming home to do homework, a quick game, whether it is hockey, baseball, basketball or soccer, will let you use up some of that energy you’ve been storing! Not only this, but this is an awesome way to make new friends.


  1. Bike Rides

With your parents permission of course, take a cruise around the neighborhood with your friends! Also, make sure you wear a helmet. You can use your imagination and make fun adventures out of your journey!

  1. Hide N’ Seek

A neighborhood game of Hide N’ Seek is the ultimate outside activity. With permission from your parents, and of course, using the buddy system when it comes to hiding, Hide N’ Seek is sure to be an awesome time.


  1. Backyard Campout

Ask your mom and dad to set up a backyard camp out for you and your friends! Start by setting up a tent and marking your territory with your sleeping bag! You can spend the night telling scary stories and eating S’mores!

  1. Chalk

The most underrated outside activity has to be chalk! It is so much fun to create fun pictures and even games with all your friends. You can play hopscotch or tic-tac-toe or use your imagination to draw wonderful pictures!

Available on Digital HD™ October 7 and Blu-ray and DVD October 21!

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  1. The last children’s movie that I saw was Frozen.

  2. wendy rozema says:

    The last children’s movie I seen was Disneys Frozen!

  3. Cheryl Abdelnour says:

    When my son was home we watched Robin Hood.

  4. Maryann D. says:

    I am not sure of the exact movie I recently saw, but I think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

  5. frozen was the last we went to see.

  6. Andrea Williams says:

    I think the last one we watched was The LEGO Movie.

  7. I think it was How To Train Your Dragons 2. 🙂

  8. steven weber says:

    I saw the Lego Movie last weekend.

  9. Shemp DeYoung says:

    We watched Frozen a couple weeks ago. Can’t believe it took me this long to watch it. We made sure to see it before the season premiere of Once Upon a Time.

  10. We went and saw the box trolls

  11. “Smurfs 2” in 3D was the last children’s movie that I saw

  12. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    We saw Despicable Me 2!

  13. Ronald O. says:

    The last children’s movie I saw was The LEGO movie!

  14. Frozen is the last children’s movie I saw.

  15. I think Frozen was the last children’s movie that I saw!

  16. Beth Hill says:

    Watched Toy Story on DVD over the weekend, love the original.

  17. shelly peterson says:

    The last movie I watched was Epic.

  18. The Chipmunks so it has been quite awhile.

  19. How to Train Your Dragon 2

  20. We saw Maleficent!

  21. jenn giannetto says:

    we watched the nightmare before christmas just the other day

  22. Teresa Thompson says:

    I watched Rio2 with my granddaughters.

  23. Wendy Mastin says:

    I watched Rio2 with my grandson.

  24. rebecca day says:

    it was frozen

  25. Carissa joslyn says:

    My son and I went to go see the box trolls a little while ago! We saw earth to echo the movie before that!

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