Doing Your Part For The Environment: How To Reduce Your Energy Consumption

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It seems that our energy bills seem to grow larger and larger every month. As a result, many people are on a mission to reduce their energy consumption. After all, it helps you save a lot of money over the course a year. There are all sorts of ways to increase energy efficiency in the home, and we’re looking at some of the best today. These tricks will also work if you run a business, as many of you do.

Of course, it’s not just about money. We’re all growing more aware of how much impact we’re having on this planet of ours. It might not seem like we can make any difference in our homes. But, every little helps, and if we all make a small change, it will add up to a huge impact. If we all make little alterations, we can slowly change the world. Without further ado, here are the best ways to reduce your energy consumption.

Consume less

This is often easier said than done! We’d all like to cut back on our energy use, but the truth is that you need to be very strict with yourself. At home, try to turn the lights off when they’re not in use. Again, it seems like a tiny change, but you’ll save more than you think. You should also turn off appliances, and turn off the standby buttons. It’s definitely harder when you’ve got children, but you can make sure they’re doing their part too. Take shorter showers, use less water in the kettle, and turn the thermostat down. They’re small, unnoticeable changes, but they make a big difference.

Try a new energy supplier

More and more energy efficient suppliers are cropping up on the market. Ask your current supplier about what they’re doing to improve efficiency and improve their green credentials. You might even find that these energy efficient suppliers are cheaper than your current option. These companies use renewable energy, which often generates more than they need. It means they can sell it back to the grid, and pass the savings onto you. That’s a win-win situation!

Improve insulation and glazing

Your house itself actually plays a big part in the energy efficiency of your home. If your house is well insulated, it keeps the temperature at a constant, manageable level. With poor insulation and glazing, the heat will simply escape the house. You’ll find yourself putting the heating on higher and higher to compensate, which burns through your allowance. You can use trade insulation adhesive to replace your tired old insulation. Another good trick is upgrading the windows to double glazing, and block out any drafts from the doors.

Renewable energy

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to run a completely carbon zero house? That means that the house produces all the energy it needs onsite with renewable energy. It’s an expensive investment, but it pays for itself in just a few years. Solar panels and wind turbines are still the most popular options. They’ve improved significantly over the years, and they can easily power a small household.

There you have it, readers. Those are just some of the best ways to reduce your energy consumption. Do you have any other great tips or tricks to help?


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