Conventional Energy Suppliers – What Are The Alternatives?

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Finally, everyone is beginning to see the light. After years of monopolising the energy industry and taking advantage of buyers, the buyers are fighting back. Instead of accepting the fact that we cannot live without basic energy, we are looking for the alternatives. The gas and electricity suppliers have enjoyed their time for the past couple of decades. Now, it is time to turn the tables. For all those readers who want to cut their energy bill dramatically, below are some of the alternative methods. After all, no one should have to scrimp and save just to keep warm during the winter.

Solar Panels

The initial cost of installing solar panels is quite high, which is why they are not as popular as they should be. The potential of solar power is huge, even if you don’t live in a hot climate. The sun’s ultraviolet rays still get through the atmosphere when it is raining, or when there is cloud cover. Obviously, they are not as strong, but they still register. Plus, local authorities are paying people for the energy they put back into the grid. With solar panels, you can create your energy and cut costs, and you can get paid in the process.


A Wind Turbine

Wind turbines get a lot of bad publicity because they are not a realistic source of energy for big cities and whole countries. However, you are not a big city. You are one individual, so you don’t need the same sort of output. A wind turbine can easily power one home. Again, the wind isn’t as much as a factor as you would imagine. The energy wind turbines make can be stored for future use. So, during the summer you always have a backup. You can always go back to the energy companies in the summer because that is cheaper than using them all year around.

Prepaid Gas And Electric

What makes gas and electric costly is the fact that there is a constant stream. You can flick a switch and energy appears in an instant. That seems like a good thing, but it isn’t because it is hard to keep a track of your energy usage. Before you know it, you could rack up a bill that is hundreds of pounds. Prepaid electric works differently. You pay for the amount you can afford at any given time. As a result, you only pay for the energy that you can afford, and you never overpay for energy.

Insulate The House

Your best option is not to use energy in the first place. During the warmer months, that is easy because the weather is hot. But, during the colder months it gets tricky. By insulating your property, you can retain as much heat as possible. Consequently, you can cut your energy usage by a massive amount. Install double-glazing, add carpets to the floor and even change from blinds to curtains to keep your house warmer.

Anything to stop the huge energy companies from taking all of your cash!

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