Dixit Journey Board Game

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Holidays are a great time to get together with family and friends and play some games.  Here’s another fun, family game that would make a great holiday gift. I especially love games that challenge my children to think and Dixit Journey is one of those games.  Dixit Journey is a wonderful way to practice your skills at creating unique and subtle clues, while your friends test their abilities to bluff and mislead.  A picture is truly worth a thousand words in this beautifully crafted board game that will be enjoyed by all.

In each round one person assumes the role of “active player” where they create a clue made up of one or more words or can even be a sound or group of sounds. The other players will then try to mislead everybody by finding a card in their hand that also represents the same clue.
Test your skills at correctly finding the solution to the clue.  I especially love this game because of all of the beautiful artwork.  Anything that combines art, strategy, creativity, and family fun is a winner in my book.

•High quality cards, board and game pieces.
•Game instructions that are clear and easy to understand.
•Artwork that inspires many creative clues and hours of enjoyment by everyone.
•For even more options in the game-play, mix in the cards from Dixit Odyssey or any of the other versions.

Ages- 8+
3-6 players
Approx. game time 30 minutes

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