Baby on the Way? Make Sure You’ve got These Supplies!

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If you’ve got a baby on the way, you’ll need plenty of supplies ready before they arrive. This way, you can ensure that you’re fully prepared. If we listed every single thing you needed we’d be here all day. The following items are the most important!

Lots of Plain Clothes

Lots of plain clothes goes for both you and the baby. Things like baby grows for the baby and clothes you don’t care much about are both essentials. This is because the baby is probably going to be sick on everything it owns, as well as everything you own. If worst comes to worst, they’ll do other things to your clothes too. You can’t be too precious about them, especially in their first year.

Diapers of Different Sizes

Diapers come in all different sizes, so make sure you have some of each size. Of course you only really need newborn diapers to start with, but make sure you don’t buy too many. Babies grow quickly, so you don’t want any to go to waste.

A Stockpile of Wipes

Wipes will become your best friends. They’ll wipe up spit up, food, and other gunk from your baby.

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Something to Stop Scratching

Babies are known for scratching themselves red raw. A product like Scratchsleeves could help.

A Changing Pad

You need somewhere comfortable to change your baby, so invest in a changing pad or changing table. Again, it’ll need to be wipe-clean material as you’ll get all kinds of substances on it over time.

A Stroller

You’ll want to take your baby out, so make sure you have a stroller ready. Make sure it has the features you think are important in a stroller. Read reviews online as well first.


If you drive, your baby will need a carseat to come on trips with you. Make sure you install it properly so that it’s secure. Read reviews on car seats too.


Carriers can be seriously helpful. They can allow you to spend time with your baby while still getting on with your regular chores. Your baby won’t feel neglected and you’ll still be able to clean the house, and do anything else you need to do.

Breastfeeding Accessories

The saying goes, ‘breast is best’. Make sure you have all of the breastfeeding accessories you need to make it convenient for both you and your baby.


You can’t stop babies from making a mess, but you can at least try. Invest in a few bibs.


These can help babies to calm down when they start to get upset. Some babies don’t take to them, but most do.


Toys help babies start to learn and grow from a young age. The sounds and colours they produce help to develop a babies learning mind. Toys with lots of textures, colours, and sounds are best.

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If you make sure you have all of these supplies in advance, you can breathe a sigh of relief when your baby arrives. Enjoy your new arrival!


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