4 Ways To Have Healthy Fun With Your Child

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In a world where technology is gradually dictating our lives, most of us have forgotten what genuine happiness is like. Our stressful lives are also shadowing those of our children’s. Being introduced to technology at a very early age, they are addicted to technology in no time. In a scenario like this, it is very important to take up some tasks along with our children that act as stress busters to us, even while nourishing the psychological well-being of kids and connecting to our roots. So here are few such tasks, which will enable you to have a healthy yet happy time with your little ones:

  1. Gardening: It is one of those hobbies, which relaxes our entire being and is very therapeutic. Studies show that gardening significantly reduces cortisol levels, thereby improving our mood. Introducing your child to this activity gives them a learning experience. It makes them relax and helps them stay focused, which in turn improves their memory and concentration. Most importantly, both of you can have loads of fun while spending quality time with each other.
  2. Pets: Raising a pet is a very good choice as it becomes an excellent companion to your child. In addition, the task of taking care of the pet will make them empathetic, will teach them to be responsible, and will also help them socialize. For adults, engaging with the pet helps lower their blood pressure, stress and anxiety levels. It will also pull you up from depression. Choose a pet that is compatible with your home. Cats, for example, are best suited for those who prefer less action in their lives. Dogs, on the other hand, are for livelier homes. You also have other choices like fish and birds, or you can go for exotic pets like ferrets. For more information on different types of pets, you can check online sites like petsarethebest.net.
  3. Nature outings: It can be as inexpensive as a park or a picnic in some beautiful place. Spending time in nature is good for the well-being of you and your child. Teaching your child to appreciate and respect nature will help them develop a sense of responsibility towards it, which is extremely essential for the present generation.
  4. Nurture their talents: Teach them what you know. It could be a musical instrument, singing, dancing, cooking, crafts or even games you played as a child. Make sure it is something you both enjoy. Don’t be overzealous and stress your child towards perfection. Do not forget that the main objective is to spend fun time together. Alternatively, you and your child can take an activity you both are new to and learn with each other. That will be even more fun.

These tasks maybe sometimes bland and boring in the beginning, but when you remember the motive behind them, you can make ways to convert them into fun-filled activities. Remember spending quality time with your child is as important as working hard for them.



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Ways To Get More Involved With Your Kids

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Growing up isn’t easy for anyone. As a parent, you struggle to keep the household together and stay current with your children’s happenings. Kids, on the other hand, are also going through their own growing pains and trying to figure out how to deal with life’s ups and downs.

One way to help cut any tension is to get closer to your kids and make a promise to yourself to be closer to them. Not having the time or being too busy are only excuses. You have to make being a bigger part of their lives a priority. Have practical ideas in mind to implement, and by doing so, it will help you reach your goal. See ways to get more involved with your kids.

Cook & Gather for Family Dinner

Invite your children to cook a meal with you. Let them help every step of the way. Pick the dish, go to the grocery store and prepare the food together. Select a night everyone will be home and available to sit down as a group for a family dinner. Cooking the meal will be a great bonding experience, and you can continue to talk and catch up while you eat. Make it a regular occurrence and use the activity as a way to grow closer to your kids.

Coach their Sports Team

Get more involved with your kids by coaching one of their sports teams. Pick an activity you and your kids both enjoy and offer to help manage the group. Come to the table with good ideas related to drills and ways to increase comradery amongst the kids. One thought is to use the Custom Center online to order custom patches for everyone on the team. There’s always room in the world for another well-designed patch. For groups, clubs and organizations around the world, custom patches are powerful symbols of affiliation. Group members display their patches on jackets, vests, shirts and uniforms with great pride.

Invite them on Walks

Exercise is good for you and an activity like walking helps promote an environment to start an engaging conversation. Invite your kids on walks with you and see how quickly the words start flowing. Let them choose a path in the neighborhood that they want to explore and be there with them as you embark on a new journey outside. Inviting them along to get fresh air also makes the experience less lonely for you. It’s okay to walk in silence too, sometimes just being together is enough.

Attend School Functions

All it takes to get closer to your kids is to show them you care. You can tell them all you want, but it means a lot to them when you show up at their activities, hobbies and school functions. Stay on top of it by keeping a calendar related to school functions, so you have no excuse not to attend when the date rolls around. You’ll likely enjoy yourself and will get to meet other parents who struggle with the same obstacles as you do.

Schedule Time on the Calendar

You’re busy, and your calendar fills up fast, so that’s why it’s up to you to make sure you set aside time during the week and on weekends to spend time with your kids. It’s important to establish these moments with your kids and help keep them out of trouble. Create a regular family game night or a day that’s designed for you and your children to play and have fun. Make it a point to mark down who, what, where and when, so there are no hesitations when the time comes to be more involved with your kids.

Volunteer Together

One way to spend time with your kids and help your local community or school is to volunteer together. Sit down and talk to your children about the benefits of volunteering and why it’s important. Entice them to want to help out by letting them know you’ll take them out for ice cream or a movie when you’re all done. Check out a bake sale at the school or go serve food at a local shelter. It’s a great opportunity to teach your children responsibility and get closer to them.

Practice Work-Life Balance

It’s going to be difficult to get more involved with your kid’s lives if you’re always working. Be home for your kids when they return from school if possible, or at least shortly after. Set boundaries at work and home to enforce strict limits on your availability. Make spending quality time with your kids a priority, and you’ll find it’s easier to do so when you’re committed. It’ll be nearly impossible to juggle working late all the time and being a parent who’s available to build deeper relationships with the kids. You can’t have it all, so pick and choose wisely where you spend your time.

Ask the Right Questions

You’re the parent, and it’s perfectly okay to ask questions about where they’re going and who they’re with. Don’t let your kids make you feel uncomfortable or bad for wanting to pry into their business a bit. Make it a point to meet your children’s friends and parents, so you know who they’re hanging out with and what they’re up to. Being too busy to have these sort of talks or looking the other way may come back to bite you in the end. Involve yourself with what your kids are doing and be aware of their interests and how they’re spending their time when you’re not around.


As the parent, it’s up to you to initiate conversations and activities that are going to help you become closer to your kids. Don’t be afraid to keep trying if you’re finding the process difficult at first. Building better relationships with your children takes time and patience. Keep letting them know that you’re there for them and show how much you care by inserting yourself in their life. These are ways to get more involved with your kids.

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Four Easy Steps To Finding Your Perfect Home

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pexels-photo-417351Image credit

It’s one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. And where you choose to live can have a huge impact – on your health, your life prospects and your happiness. But too often buying a home is something that gets rushed into. You’re keen to begin your new life, you find a property you like the look of and before you know it, a sale is going through. But before you get to that point, take a minute to consider the following points and really make sure that this is a home that will serve you well for years to come:

Find out what ‘perfect’ means to you

Everyone’s idea of the ideal home is different, so make sure your not too influenced by homes magazines and eager realtors. Go into the process knowing exactly what perfect means to you. Make sure you browse plenty of real estate websites to find your ideal fit, from oceanside apartments in Miami ( see https://sofiacoralgables.com for some beautiful views) or cabins in the Black Mountains of North Carolina (the properties at http://eaglesnestatbannerelk.com/available-properties/ are unreal).

Decide on a budget

Now before you view any homes, it’s vital to have a clear idea of your budget. Make sure you’ve compared mortgage lenders and approach a few to see what amounts and rates you’ll be able to get. With this new knowledge, fine tune your preferences. You may not be able to stretch to a mansion, but you can certainly find a home in your dream situation.

Could you remodel?

If a home isn’t immediately appealing to you, consider whether you could make it your dream home with a remodel. They don’t always have to be drastic- sometimes a coat of paint, and new windows and exterior doors can facelift a tired house in the right location. Or if the layout is wrong, could you reconfigure it? Take down walls, add an extension? Try to see possibilities. The one thing you can’t change is where it is, so if that’s right, what else could you adapt? Most things can be changed- you just need to make sure that the agreed sale price leaves enough over in your budget to get the works done- you may have to learn to negotiate!

Do your research

Even a dream home can turn into a nightmare if you make unexpected discoveries during or after purchase. So make sure you get a real feel for the neighbourhood. Visit at different times of the day to see if the noise or traffic throws up anything unexpected. Check out any local planning applications to learn about new developments that could change the feel of the areas. Use the internet to research demographic information about house sale prices, school performance and crime rates. If you can, chat to some locals and get a feel for the area. Only then can you know that you’ve truly found your ideal new home.

Take your time, consider all the different factors and you really can find your forever home to invest in.

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Making History Interesting On Vacation

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andrew-neel-133200(Image Credit)

When you go on vacation with the kids, it can often feel like you’re dragging them around. Unless you give up and go on a kid’s break, it can be impossible to make your child enjoy their holiday. Thankfully, though, this doesn’t mean you have to succumb to a vacation based around play. Instead, you just have to make the history on your holiday a lot more interesting, and this post is here to help you do it.

Choose The Right Landmarks: The very first part of this is choosing the landmarks you’ll be visiting. Most people will find it hard to decide where to go using appearance alone. Instead, using the right factors, you can base this decision on the logic and thought. Along with this, though, you should also do some research along the way.


  • The Kids: First, you have to consider what you children will enjoy, especially if you’re going to historical places. For example, a child will prefer a battleground over a museum, as this will give them more to imagine. To understand what they might like, it could be worth looking at some options like with the kid.


  • The Knowledge: Along with the people the place is aimed at, you should also consider the sort of knowledge it will be spreading. In some cases, you won’t be interested in one war over another, and this will make it hard to enjoy it. Always make sure to read through some of the information before setting off. A lot of the time, people don’t realise quite how bad the service stations are.

Work Together: When you’re on holiday, the learning everyone’s doing doesn’t rely on age. Instead, you get the chance to work together on your education, with the kids helping you to solve the issues you can’t do on your own. You can give your kids a very strong drive to learn on their vacations if you trick them into enjoying it. Of course, though, you will also have to think about how much you enjoy this sort of vacation, as well.

Use Good Tours: Finally, as the last area to think about, the professionals you rely on for your vacation will be very important. Click here to take a look at some of the offerings you have, along with doing some research for yourself. Not a lot of people realize how much a tour can enhance their vacation. But, with the right effort, you could find an example which lets you get to know the place very well.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the time you put into your historical holidays. Kids will always put up a fight when they have to learn out of school. But, with the right effort, you can make sure that they enjoy this sort of trip, embracing it more than they ever take to their education.

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New Year, New Career?

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With the holiday season in full swing and the new year creeping around the corner, it can be a good time to reflect on what you want as parents and how things have gone. Is your life too busy? What successes have you had this year? Is it time to make changes in certain aspects of your life? Your career is going to be a big thing that will determine how happy you feel. So if it is affecting you, then it could be time for a career change. Here are some of the reasons why a career change and new challenges could be just what you need.

Accomplishment Achievement Success Achieve

Accomplishment Achievement Success Achieve


  • The new year makes people want to change and do things. Like always saying that you’ll start the diet tomorrow or on a Monday, it has a similar mindset. Starting something big in the new year could be just what you need.
  • There are also things that reset for companies in the new year. It could be the vacation allowance, but it is more likely to be the budget that they have. Some of which could be money for new recruits. So it can be a good time to be looking as there are likely to want to get the new year off to a good start with new members of staff to fill vacancies.
  • Setting yourself new personal challenges could be just what you need to give yourself a boost. If you have been in the same old job for a while now, or will be returning to work after raising a family, then new challenges can be great; it keeps you busy and gives you something to look forward to. You could do some online learning, like looking for the best online RN to BSN program, for example. You could go to night school to get qualified in something you’ve always wanted to do. The point is, just push yourself to do something new.
  • Think of a list of the companies that you would like to work for. Then you can think of all of the job roles that would suit you and your qualifications and skills. Then it can be a change of mindset to help you land the role. If you have chosen somewhere that you would love to work, then think about what you can do to get the role. Who do you need to speak to? Can you get any work experience? Don’t just turn it into ‘I wish I could work there’ kind of thing. When that happens, it is not going to happen.
  • The new year brings with it a feeling of wanting to achieve, but it is important not to see this as a sign of weakness. It can be a good motivator to get what you want done. It can also be a sign that you have achieved all you can in your current role and it is time to realize your potential elsewhere.

If you normally dread the new year, then ring it in with some positive changes to your life.

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Why Moms in the Health Care Field Don’t Have to Choose Between Their Jobs and Their Kids

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If you’ve ever talked to a full-time RPN you’ve heard about their shifts sometimes lasting as long as 16 hours straight. For a mom with children to get off to school, homework assignments to check, and PTA meetings to attend, this type of field might seem completely untenable. On the other hand, nurses and other healthcare professionals have some of the most well balanced and satisfied careers around. Just look at this health care salaries guide and you’ll see the earning potentials of endocrinologists, home health attendants, LPNs and other medical professionals. The fact of the matter is that moms who have great careers in the healthcare field are able to be with their kids, choosing accommodating shifts, and have all of the job stability that they could ever wish for.

Choosing Flexible Shifts in the Health Care Field

When you get hired for a position that you love in a field that you got an advanced degree to enter, you probably won’t even consider changing things up. That is, until something in your life changes. You could find yourself expecting another child or find that one of your children wants to pick up a new afterschool activity. It can sometimes take more than six months for a compatible shift to become available and then you might still have to bid for it. Most health care professionals need only tell their direct supervisors about their scheduling conflicts and something is usually done to facilitate them right away. You won’t have to cut your hours unless you really want to and your family can still remain a priority.

Work Home Life Balance Is Encouraged

While there are hundreds of other careers that busy moms can choose from, the healthcare field truly encourages workers to find a great home-work life balance. If you need to take a long lunch so that you can attend a parent-teacher meeting, your co-workers will pitch in and help you out with your responsibilities. Whether you need to take time off to attend to personal health matters or grieve the loss of a family member, there’s little pressure on you to do anything but remain stable and keep your life well balanced.

Health Care Professionals Are Family

After working together, eating lunch at the same table, giving advice, and trading favors, you’ll start to feel like your peers in the healthcare field are more like family than friends. Expect the feeling to be mutual. You’ll grow closer to the people you work with every day and each birthday and special event will be a shared experience amongst you all.

You may have specific hours that you have to work, but you’ll also be working amongst a group of people that you respect and care for at the same time. When you get to go home and see your family after a long shift, you’ll become even more thankful for being a part of the medical community. Moms who work as healthcare professionals really do have some of the most well-balanced work and home lives.

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7 Effective Tips for Potty Training a Puppy

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five shih tzu puppies in a basket on white background

Image Copyright:willeecole

Are you frustrated with your puppy for not grasping the concept of going outside to potty? Some puppies catch on quicker than others, but generally there are ways you can speed up the process.

After much trial and error, dog trainers and breeders have finally figured out the best methods for potty training a puppy.

Here is a seven-step guide that includes those methods.

Get Your Puppy into a Set Routine

I did this so many times it eventually became second nature. Your puppy needs to learn a routine of when it’s meal time, when it’s potty time and when it’s time to sleep.

As time goes by your puppy will potty each time you take it outside, because it knows why it’s outside. Add to that some of these other tips, and your puppy will be potty trained in no time.

  • Set your puppy’s meal time and stick to it.
  • Take your puppy outside to potty about ten minutes after it’s eaten.
  • Set two more times during the day when you take your puppy outside for potty.
  • Set a bedtime for your puppy too and be sure to take your puppy outside beforehand.

Be Prepared for Late Nights

You may also have to let your puppy out during the night. A puppy’s bladder is tiny, so try to be understanding when it wakes up in the middle of the night to go potty. If you’re a heavy sleeper, you may want to put newspaper down for your puppy and confine it to a certain area of the house.

Clean Up Accidents Immediately and Thoroughly

When your puppy does make an accident, clean it up right away.

  • Make a solution of disinfectant diluted with seven parts water and a few drops of peppermint oil.
  • Clean the area with a wet cloth as best you can.
  • Spray this on the area after you’ve cleaned it to remove the smell from your floor.
  • Clean it again with water and a cloth.
  • Check if the smell has gone. if not, repeat.

Dogs will usually revert to the same place to do their business, so make sure your puppy completely forgets about that time it pooped in the lounge.

Don’t Hit, Punish or Shout at Your Puppy for Mistakes

Hitting, scolding or rubbing your puppy’s nose in its mess will have an adverse effect on your potty training efforts. Patience goes a long way when you’re potty training a puppy, so stay calm when accidents happen. You’ll find they happen less and less as your puppy learns what you want.

Learn to Read Your Puppy’s Signals

When you watch your puppy roam around the house, always be sure to check for potty signals. Your puppy may hunch its body if it needs to poop. It may lower its body if it needs to urinate.

You’ll soon be a super hero puppy parent who automatically scoops your puppy up whenever it’s about to go. Take it outside and wait for it to do its business. then praise your puppy for messing outside.

Praise and Reward Your Puppy for Successes

Instead of punishing your puppy for mistakes, rather reward it for good potty behaviour. I always maintain that you should keep your puppy’s favourite treats on hand. Whenever it goes outside, give it a treat and whole lot of praise for being a good dog.

Mentally Prepare Yourself for Lots of Slipups

Prepare yourself for the work that goes into potty training a puppy. Your new best fried will make a lot of mistakes during this potty training period. But stay consistent and patient and you’ll be astounded at how quickly your puppy catches on.





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Ways To Reward Your Kids For A Job Well Done

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Your kids aren’t always the best behaved and there are days you don’t know how you do it. Although there are trials and tribulations, there are also days they surprise you with their impressive behavior.

It’s a good idea to pay attention to when your kids do a good job and reward them once in a while. Make it a point to draw attention to the positive behaviors and explain why you’re admiring them in the moment. Encourage your children to continue their habits by offering them an incentive to do so. See ways to reward your kids for a job well done.

Distribute Unique Coins

One way to get your kid’s attention is to provide them with a cool looking coin each time they go above and beyond. MilitaryCoinsUSA is your trustworthy source for top quality custom made coins for any occasion. Challenge coins have been part of U.S. military history for more than 100 years. Even businesses have begun to use custom challenge coins as a way to reward employees for job performance or to increase name recognition with current and prospective customers. Your children will love the coin and challenge of collecting a certain amount before they’re rewarded again.

Let them Watch their Favorite Show or Movie

Allow your child to watch their favorite show or movie when they impress you with their behavior. Do it at a time you normally wouldn’t let them be in front of the television. Make sure you know what they’re choosing to watch and even offer to watch it with them, if they want you around. Make their favorite snack and have their drink of choice ready to go in the refrigerator. This is a sure way to get them hooked on acting properly.

Exercise Together

A healthy reward is to participate in an activity that’s also a bit of a workout. Go to the park, run through the slip-n-slide or play soccer in the backyard. Let them pick from a list of activities that you know will have you both running around a bit. You’ll feel great after and can pat yourself on the back for encouraging a healthy option for their reward. Exercising with your children is also a great way to spend time together and hopefully share a few laughs.

Make their Chosen Meal

Let your son or daughter pick the meal for the family dinner. Make them whatever they want and showcase why they’re receiving this meal in front of the entire family, so the other children catch on and want to learn how to behave too. Ask your child if they want to cook with you and learn how to make the meal. Have someone else set the table and let your child who’s being recognized have the night off from their responsibilities.


It’s not always easy to think of how to praise your child on the spot. Have a list in your back pocket that you can choose from when the time comes. These are ways to reward your kids for a job well done.

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Be Christmas Party Ready In A Flash

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Christmas is nearly here, which means one thing – time for Christmas parties. While Christmas parties are a lot of fun, a lot of stress tends to come with them. From the panic of choosing that perfect look to the stress of picking out a nail art design, there is a lot to think about.

One thing that puts a lot of people off of Christmas parties is the time that it tends to take to get ready – there just aren’t enough hours in the day, or at least, it seems that way. There is so much pressure to look amazing, that when it comes to getting ready to go out, it can end up taking hours.

The good news is that this does not have to be the case. Believe it or not, you can still look and feel your best without spending hours pampering and preening yourself, it’s just a case of being smart about how you get ready, that’s all.

woman-1209584_640Image from Pixabay

Practice makes perfect

This saying really does holding meaning when it comes to Christmas party preparation. The best way to ensure that getting party ready doesn’t take hours is to do plenty of preparation in advance – AKA practice everything that you need to. From your makeup look to your accessorizing, practice each part of your festive party look, so that on the day itself, you can get ready in a flash.

Hack your hair

Not got a flair for hair? Perhaps an up-do could be the answer? A bun, chignon or a half up, half down look could be ideal. Another option could be to invest in some tape in hair extensions – perhaps you could pick some pre-curled ones? If you find that you are seriously struggling when it comes to your hair, consider booking into the salon the get your hair styled professionally. If you do choose to go down this route, make sure to go armed with hairstyles that you would like to have, instead of having no idea.

Get your nails done professionally

If you lack the flare for nail art, consider getting your nails done professionally. There is no reason why you should have to spend hours trying to perfect your nail designs when nail art isn’t your thing. Save yourself and time and stress and get your nails done by a professional – that way you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your nails will look perfect. Pick a design that has a Christmas theme to it, but that also matches your outfit, accessorize and makeup look. You don’t want anything too over the top, just something that is pretty, stylish, and eye-catching.

It isn’t easy getting ready for Christmas parties, as there is just so much to do. However, if you take note of the tips above, you can ensure that you are Christmas party ready in a flash. There’s no need to take hours getting ready; it’s just a case of being smart about how you prepare, that’s all.


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7 Tips to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home This Winter

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Feet in wool socks warming by cozy fire

It’s that time of the year when we spend most our time indoors, whether it be school, office, public transport or any other closed spaces with old heating systems and questionable cleaning schedules.

That is a perfect breeding ground for various bacteria and viruses, but it is also a convenient “grocery store” for allergies, as well.

In the text below we will try to show you how to battle this pesky nuisance which carries symptoms like a runny nose or itchy eyes and can cause serious illness like asthma or bronchitis.

Here are some pretty common but always useful tips and tricks on how to protect yourself:

Schedule routine heating system maintenance

This is probably the most important preventive measure and is essentially obligatory. Heating systems can be a host to numerous bacteria and viruses and if they are not cleaned regularly, at least once a year.

The risk of inhaling all those dangerous particles when the new heating season starts and we just fire up the systems after a couple of months is pretty big. You can learn more about heating system maintenance here: https://hughesairco.com/heating-service-scottsdale-az/

Clean your air ducts

Same rules apply to air ducts. Cleaning them regularly will prevent all the unwanted bacteria, dirt, dust, and microbes from entering your home.

Regular maintenance and cleaning will eliminate those risks. There are other tools that can help maintain a healthy environment in your home. Humidifiers, for example, keep the humidity levels just right for you.

Lack of humidity will leave your body open for infections and too much of humidity will help speed up development of mold, dust mites and mildew.

Do not smoke indoors and avoid smoke-filled areas

Both active and passive smoking has a strong effect on your health directly and especially during the winter while we keep the windows closed to keep the heat in.

This causes the air to be stagnant and more favorable for the development of respiratory diseases. It also makes your immune system more vulnerable to allergies.

Keep your floors clean and vacuumed

This part is also very important as you bring in as much dirt and contaminants on your shoes when you step in from the outside as a faulty heating system might. The filth will just keep piling on if you do not vacuum your floors and carpets on a regular basis. This is especially true if you have a pet that also goes outside and comes back home all dirty and muddy.

Bedding needs to be clean

People usually disregard this because they think that their beds cannot get dirty as much as some other parts of the home, but that actually is not true. You need to wash your sheets and pillows regularly in warm water in order to kill bacteria and parasites and to prevent allergens from hurting you.

Keep the windows open

This one is a bit tricky because you need to sacrifice heat for fresh air. However, doing this is critical because heating systems use the same air and just cycle it. Opening windows in short bursts will make a great difference and will help protect your health. Of course, it is not recommended to keep them open at night because you might catch a cold.

Exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom

These are pretty common in most households. They keep unnecessary smells, moisture, cleaning chemical odors and allergens from spreading all-over your home, especially during the winter when you keep your windows shut most of the time. That’s why you should make sure the exhaust fans are clean so they can perform their task effectively.

Contact Hughes Air Heating & Cooling at 220 W 6th Ave, Mesa, AZ 85210, USA; 480-247-6927 or visit http://www.hughesairco.com/

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