5 Fun and Inventive Modern Storage Solutions

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It’s always great having the opportunity to redesign your home, whether it’s a small corner or every room. Most of your personality shines through the furniture choices you make, which is why it’s important to have fun with it.

There are so many modern furniture solutions these days, like the coveted spare pull out bed needed when extra family members might stay over for the holidays (or maybe when the partner is snoring!).

When choosing a furniture company, however, family-run businesses care about what they do and work hard with their loved ones to achieve it.

  1. Don’t Underestimate The Power of The Storage Unit

It may sound so simple, but a lot of people forget about the creativity you can have with storage shelves and cubes. Most come in individual pieces so you can build and tower the shape you want, to fit with the shape of your room. You can even finish off with a couple of funky backlights to make the shelves pop.

  1. Storage Benches: Comfortable and Functional

You know when you need a place to sit, but you also need a lot of storage space, with no room for both? Well, why not try a storage bench solution that’s the best of both worlds. For example, if you have a busy area by the front door filled with shoes and umbrellas, try storing them in the bench out of sight, which doubles as a place to sit to pull your shoes on and off. Brands like Anima Domus have a passion for the home, and you can check out their contemporary furniture Miami showroom if you’re in the area and are looking to rethink your storage options.

  1. Push And Pull-Able Furniture For a Wheely Good Time

The worst part about deciding to re-arrange the room is wondering how you’re going to attempt to move the heavy furniture that’s started to grow roots into the floor. Instead, why not opt for shelving units built on wheels for easy movement wherever you want them? No strain, no back pain, and an easy fix to the room change dilemma.

  1. Shelves, Shelves And More Shelves

It’s an obvious idea, but shelves are no longer just shelves. Gone are the days where it would just be a piece of wood pinned to the wall. Now you can try floating shelves, hanging shelves, shelves made from wine crates, shelves made of rope; you could even attempt to make your own shelves from whatever items you have lying about the house. There’s always a shelf to fit your taste and theme.

  1. A Coat Rack That Has Everything

Usually it’s a case of coat on the hook, keys in the bowl and mail on the table by the door, isn’t it? Why not create a coat rack that has a shelving unit on top of the hooks so that all your important “by the door” items can be kept safely together? Giving you extra floor space and a designated place where you know everything will be waiting for you.

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Tips For Hosting A Super Bowl Party At Your Home

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One of the biggest football games of the year that many people look forward to watching is the Super Bowl. It’s a time to come together with family and friends, eat good food and cheer on whichever team you find most appealing.

Whether you’re in a brand new home wanting to show it off or have been at your property a while now and simply wish to have people over, the following tips are going to help you host the perfect party. Spend some time reviewing what you can be doing to ensure a good time is had by all and everyone walks away satisfied with the event.

Take Time to Clean & Decorate

One tip for hosting a Super Bowl party at your home is to take the time to clean up your space before your guests arrive. It’s especially important to declutter and clean up in the areas in which you’ll be spending the most time in. Also, gather a few tasteful decorations and put them out around the house, particularly the room that you’ll be viewing the game and hanging out in so the party feels more festive. You can use each of the team’s colors and mascots as a theme for your décor.

Engage Your Guests with Entertainment & Activities

You should also think about engaging your guests with special touches such as having entertainment and activities for the kids and adults alike to enjoy. For example, you could get a football game going in the backyard at halftime or have a raffle for the chance to win NFL tickets from www.ticketsales.com. This way you can help to make sure no one gets bored, and everyone of all ages feels included in the party.

Have Plenty of Food & Drinks

If there’s one aspect that your guests will judge your party on it has to do with how much food you have available and how good it tastes. It’s important to have plenty of food and a variety of drinks at your house when you’re having people over to watch the big game. Remember that some people may want to eat healthy options or have food allergens so have a wide variety of snacks and entrees to offer your visitors. Also, not everyone may be drinking alcohol so confirm you have other beverages available such as water, juice, and soda.

Offer Enough Seating Options

If you want to be a good host and confident that people will enjoy your Super Bowl party then it’s critical you have plenty of viewing space including several televisions and seating options. Make sure everyone feels comfortable and can see the game if they choose to watch. Think about how you can utilize your outdoor space as well and consider setting up a lounge area with a television and cozy seating outside in addition to inside viewing areas. If you’re short on chairs, keep in mind you can always choose to rent them from a special events company so that your guests don’t have to stand.

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Is Balloon Sinuplasty a Last-Resort Treatment?

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According to the 2017 Summary of Health Statistics published by the Center for Disease Control, over 30,000,000 adults in the United States are diagnosed with sinusitis, second only to those who with asthma. Sinusitis has far-reaching implications, from chronic infections to poor sleep and depression.

Treatment options for sinusitis aim to improve breathing passages by reducing inflammation, clearing mucus and easing triggers that worsen symptoms. Sinuplasty is one such treatment option that benefits many people, and it is part of a comprehensive and progressive approach to the condition.

What is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis describes a medical condition in which a person has inflammation in the sinus cavities. It does not necessarily describe the reason that someone experiences inflammation. According to Dr. Ran Y. Rubinstein, sinus expert from Hudson Valley, NY, during diagnosis, a specialist will categorize the inflammation as either:

  • Acute: considered being short term and lasting one month or less
  • Subacute: lasts one or two months
  • Chronic: symptoms have lasted over two months
  • Recurring acute: short but frequent bouts of sinus inflammation

Triggers for Sinusitis

The most common reason that people experience sinusitis is allergies, so the condition is most often seasonal. Anatomical abnormalities may also cause sinusitis, such as a deviated septum or polyp inside the sinuses. These irregularities do not allow mucus to flow freely and create small pockets where mucous, bacteria and irritants collect. Other medical conditions that increase the risk for sinusitis are:

  • Hormone imbalances
  • Some treatments for cancer
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Immune disorders

Initial Treatments for Sinusitis

Dr. Rubinstein recommends sinus treatments when the symptoms interfere with the quality of life, such as fatigue, low energy, persistent or frequent infections, runny nose and trouble sleeping. Based on the sinusitis severity, he recommends the most conservative option first based on the severity and nature of the symptoms. Specialists may treat acute sinusitis with medications to reduce mucus, control the immune response to allergens and reduce any infections. For chronic and recurring sinusitis, he may recommend diagnostic testing to determine if the sinus cavity is blocked by an anatomical irregularity or collection of mucus.

Advanced Treatments for Chronic and Recurring Sinusitis

If medications do not work to reduce symptoms to the desired degree, other interventions may be necessary. Dr. Rubinstein typically recommends balloon sinuplasty, a procedure that opens the sinuses without removing or changing any tissues. He prefers to use this approach when appropriate to prevent any unnecessary complications or recovery that is associated with surgery.

The Balloon Sinuplasty Procedure

Balloon sinuplasty is performed in our office and only requires local anesthesia, so it is beneficial for patients who may not be good candidates for sinus surgery because of the use of general anesthesia. For the procedure, Dr. Rubinstein uses an endoscope that is equipped with a balloon mechanism. The endoscope is fed into the sinus cavity to locate the problem area, and the balloon is slowly inflated. Opening the sinuses allows for drainage and eases inflammation.

Outcomes of Sinuplasty

Most patients who have balloon sinuplasty see a significant reduction in symptoms, and some require no additional procedures to maintain healthy sinuses. A small percentage need sinus surgery after balloon sinuplasty, but these follow-up procedures are typically less extensive compared to treatment without balloon sinuplasty.

Considerations for Balloon Sinuplasty

All surgical procedures carry risks, and patients with chronic and recurring sinusitis who are candidates for balloon sinuplasty should consider the risks associated with the procedure, such as:

  • Downtime and healing
  • Post-procedure symptoms, such as discomfort and bleeding
  • Risk of infections
  • Trauma to tissues in and around the nasal and sinus cavity

Dr. Rubinstein’s experience with balloon sinuplasty reduces the likelihood of potential complications, but patients should understand that no surgical procedure is free of risks.

Post-Sinuplasty Treatments

You may need to continue using some medications to keep the sinus airways clean and free of bacteria and irritants, but see a good reduction in your overall symptoms. Patients who have balloon sinuplasty typically notice these improvements right away, even with a small amount of swelling brought on by the sinuplasty.

Prognosis After Balloon Sinuplasty

After the initial balloon sinuplasty, you may need to have additional sinuplasty procedures. This varies by patient and is typically needed for patients with severe sinusitis.

About Dr. Ran Y. Rubinstein

Dr. Rubinstein is dual board-certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and American Board of Facial Plastic Surgery. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy and a member of the American Academy of Rhinology and American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery. Dr. Rubinstein was the first ENT to bring balloon sinuplasty to residents of the Hudson Valley, and he is considered by his peers as an expert in the procedure.


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What You Should Know Before You Build Your Own Vape Mod

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It’s common knowledge that vaping has taken the world by storm as a popular alternative to smoking. It’s hard to go in public without seeing several people with vapes. What you may not know is that the technological aspect of vaping is actually pretty interesting.

Of course, if you’re reading this article, you might be well aware of that fact. Which is why you’re interested in learning how to build your own vape mod.

Before you jump into the process, there are some things you should know. Keep reading for a brief overview of some key facts.

Battery Selection

A battery is the foundational element of any vape mod. Depending on what direction you choose to go here, it will shape the rest of your building process.

On one hand, there’s the visual angle to consider. You can get batteries in many different shapes, styles, and colors. What you choose will be determined by your personal preference.

After that, you have to consider output. While a higher power battery can help you blow bigger clouds, it’s important to keep an eye on safety. Your best bet is settling with a happy medium and no going overboard.

It’s also best to get a battery that allows you to digitally adjust the power. If you want some more information on battery safety, click that link.

Tank Size

This one is a simple choice and relies solely on your preference. The traits of bigger and smaller tanks are pretty self-explanatory, but we’ll still run over them briefly.

With larger tanks, you can hold more liquid. The main advantage here is in capacity. You can make a single tank last a whole day and not worry about having to refill it.

On the other hand, a smaller tank will require more frequent refills. The upsides are a less bulky design and the ability to change out flavors more often.

Other than that, there’s not much to know. Weight the pros and cons and decide what’s right for you.


When it comes to atomizers, the main thing you need to concern yourself with is the Ohm resistance of the coils. The atomizer and coils are responsible for heating your e-liquid and converting into vapor. For a more in-depth explanation of that, follow the link in the battery section of this article.

For our purposes, we’ll cover the traits of higher Ohm and lower Ohm coils. Higher Ohm coils produce less heat, which means they also produce less vapor. The advantages are that it drains your battery less and uses less liquid.

Conversely, lower Ohm coils allow you to produce much bigger clouds. While this is desirable for some folks, they also consume considerably more battery power and liquids. They can also be potentially dangerous for a less experienced user, which is covered in the article we referenced above.

Are You Ready to Build Your Own Vape Mod?

Now that you know the basics, you’re almost ready to build your own vape mod. We’d recommend doing some more research on each subject presented in this article in order to thoroughly familiarize yourself with each component. After that, you’ll be ready to give it a shot.

It’s also possible that you stumbled upon this article early in your vaping journey and aren’t at this stage yet. If that’s the case, check out this article on what every beginner vaper should know.


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6 Adventure Experiences You Shouldn’t Miss in the Kimberley

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Located on the northeastern part of Australia, the Kimberley is a mosaic of stunning natural environments that will remind you of a time when the world was young. Home to just a little over 50,000 people, this expansive region is the size of Sweden and is composed of a variety of landscapes and water features found nowhere else in the world. From pristine beaches and elegant cascades to majestic gorges and sprawling reefs, the Kimberley has everything you could ever hope for in a true wilderness destination.

In this short guide, we’ll fill you in on some of the most exciting nature adventures and Kimberley tours that you shouldn’t miss when you get the chance to spend your holiday in this region in Western Australia. Whether you’re the rugged, outdoorsy type or you just want to embark on a relaxing tour aboard a trusty vehicle, there are many things that you can enjoy in the Kimberley.

Exploring the Horizontal Falls on a Seaplane

In terms of quintessential Kimberley experiences, the Horizontal Falls is a world unto itself. Once described by Sir David Attenborough as “Australia’s most unusual natural wonder,” the Horizontal Falls is a natural phenomenon that occurs in a break between the McLarty Ranges in the Buccaneer Archipelago. It is not an actual waterfall but a tidal event that happens when powerful tides channeled from the Montgomery Reef many kilometers away rush into the rift, causing the water in the inlet behind the cliffs to rise by more than 30 feet. This seemingly backward flow of water is why the phenomenon is referred to as a “horizontal falls.” It’s a spectacle that is then reversed later in the day when the tide changes and the water flows back out into the sea.

One of the best ways to see the Horizontal Falls is through a scenic flight aboard a luxury seaplane. Tour operators typically offer this alongside exhilarating boat rides through the falls itself.

Walking through the “Beehive” Domes of the Bungle Bungle Range

Nestled in the heart of the Purnululu National Park in the eastern part of the Kimberley, the Bungle Bungle Range is a spectacular land formation that resembles giant beehives. The domes sport unusual striped patterns, which they owe to the sedimentation of sandstone and conglomerate matter over millions of years.

Tour operators typically offer guided walks through the Bungle Bungle wilderness, explaining how the park’s unusual topography came to be, while also offering information regarding the area’s significance to the culture and history of local aboriginal peoples.

Visiting the Willie Creek Pearl Farm

Not all adventure experiences in the Kimberley happen in the most remote locations. A case in point is a tour of the Willie Creek Pearl Farm, which you can have right within the pearling town of Broome. This pearl farm offers the complete experience, providing visitors a comprehensive insight into the dangerous lives of pearl divers of old, as well as a glimpse into what goes on in the modern process of culturing pearls. Visitors can also get up close and personal with two of Broome’s last remaining wooden pearl luggers, plus get the opportunity to take home a piece from the farm’s exclusive collection of stunning pearl jewellery.

Riding Camels on Cable Beach

Framed by red ochre cliffs and the aquamarine waters of the Indian Ocean, Cable Beach is one of the most popular destinations in Broome. And what better way to appreciate the beautiful environs of this pristine, white-sand shoreline than by joining a camel safari? Visitors can ride on the back of a gentle dromedary, and enjoy the sublime beauty of Cable Beach sunsets. You can also ride out at dawn or early in the morning as a way to jumpstart your Kimberley holiday.

Fishing for Barramundi on Ord River

One of the great river systems of the Kimberley, the Ord River is a paradise for both nature lovers and fishing aficionados. This mighty and historic waterway is home to a plethora of wildlife, including flying foxes, wallabies, crocodiles, and a wide variety of birds. The river is also home to the barramundi or the Asian sea bass, a game fish that is prized by anglers for their wild and elusive nature. Here on the Ord River, visitors can join a fishing safari to enjoy picturesque river views and explore the environment in pursuit of one of Australia’s most popular sportfish.

Discovering Dinosaur Footprints on Roebuck Bay aboard a Hovercraft

Broome Hovercraft lets you experience walking in the footsteps of dinosaurs even as you take a scenic tour of the beautiful Roebuck Bay aboard an amphibious hovercraft vehicle! The perfectly preserved footprints of dinosaurs, imprinted more than 120 million years ago in what used to be prehistoric planal forests, now lie in an area that is usually underwater beneath the Roebuck Bay. During low tides, the water recedes to reveal expansive tidal flats, reachable only by air-cushion vehicles. The area is also home to other attractions besides, including the wreck sites of downed WWII flying boats and the wildlife-filled mangrove forests of the Broome coastline.

These are just some of the exiting adventures that await you in the Kimberley. Given the chance, which ones would you like to experience for yourself?

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Roof Maintenance Tips That You’ll Surely Love!

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No one likes bothering with the roof! Instead, most people prefer giving this job to a professional roofer or a roofing company.

It is a very dangerous activity during which you have to watch every step. Furthermore, the maintenance is usually performed during spring or autumn, seasons that are common for high humidity and with it, excess water on the roof. Nevertheless, it is something you need to address if you want to prevent any leaks going forward.

The biggest issue with roofs is the quality of materials being used. For example, Americans simply love relying on stuff such as asphalt shingles. While they are pretty cheap, this type of shingles is also very susceptible to wear and tear. You can notice first issues after a few years and rarely, even earlier. Because of that, you have to be watchful at all times.

Luckily, we have some tips for affordable roofing maintenance!

1. Do it regularly

Like with any other home maintenance, people often make a mistake by being reactive instead of proactive. This is can be really troublesome when it comes to the roof. Shingles and tiles lean on each other and damage to one shingle can cause the whole area to come off. In fact, when replacing them, you should always make sure to remove the wider area instead of just a few damaged shingles. By being reactive and performing maintenance regularly, you make sure there isn’t any excess humidity penetrating your roof. Furthermore, you’re reducing the overall repairs that you need to make when you finally get to them.

2. Put safety first

Home accidents are usually connected to roof repairs. As previously mentioned, the maintenance is usually done during rainy months which isn’t ideal. If you can, try to do it during the summer or during arid days. Even if you don’t notice any water on the roof, you can still easily slip and fall off the roof. Besides picking the right days, you need to invest some cash in proper equipment. Getting a helmet and harness might seem as a bit over the top, but it definitely ensures you’re safe at all times.

3. Affordable roofing vs expensive roofing

One of the most important decisions you need to make is how much money you’re willing to spend on the roof. As previously mentioned, most people prefer an affordable roofing option and they are reluctant when it comes to investing too much into it. While this approach has some merits (especially if you’re a first-time homeowner or a young couple), you also have to think about the future. A roof should be replaced every 10 to 15 years and sometimes, you might be forced to perform extensive repairs during its existence nullifying all the savings you made. Basically, if you can, it is better to rely on the expensive roof but, we would also understand if you’re more for affordable roofing.

4. Calling a professional roofer

There is one neat trick you can exercise. Roofing companies usually give a free assessment before getting to work. You can use this offer to check the state of your roof better understanding what needs to be done. A professional company can give you some tips which you can later on use to perform maintenance. While this might not seem fair to roofers, it will help you save some money. But, if you’re not sure how to perform that particular repair, perhaps it’s better to hire the roofing company on the spot. At least this way you’re certain that the job will be well done!

Bio: We are Do It Right Roofing – a Vancouver roofing company with over 10 years of professional experience.


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Exploring Las Vegas While Coping with Arthritis Pain – Tips and Tricks to Ensure You Have an Enjoyable Holiday

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If you have traveled to Las Vegas before, you know better than anyone just how much there is to explore, and how large the various casinos are. It can take you a full day just to explore the hotel you are staying at, never mind explore the strip and all the other properties, casinos, restaurants, shopping, and attractions available. What this means is a whole lot of time spent on your feet and walking around. This is exhausting on the best of days, let alone if you have any sort of health issues that cause pain and inflammation.

If you happen to suffer from arthritis and you’re thinking of booking a trip to Las Vegas, the thing you want to keep in mind is that it is possible to visit and have a good time. It comes down to managing and coping with your pain and inflammation in a way that doesn’t interfere with your trip or keep you sidelined. Here’s a look at various tips and tricks you can use while in Las Vegas on holidays.

Talk to Your Doctor Before You Leave

A great place to start is with speaking to your doctor or physical therapist before you leave. As soon as you book your holiday, go ahead and book an appointment with your medical provider. Talk to them about what your plans and expectations are while on holidays and ask for any tips or advice. They may prescribe medication or speak to you about over-the-counter remedies. They can also provide you with exercises that can help, and other pain management techniques.

Because they know you and your medical background best, they can tailor their tips and advice to your specific case.

Be sure that whatever medication you are bringing with you is packed in your carry-on luggage. You don’t want to run the risk of your checked luggage being lost in transit, along with your medications.

Learn Where the Nearest Pharmacy Is

Another way to prepare yourself before you arrive is to research where the nearest pharmacy is to your accommodations. You never know when you may need more or different medication or even advice from the pharmacist.

Las Vegas is also home to marijuana dispensaries. Marijuana has been shown to offer relief from the inflammation and pain associated with arthritis. Again, you may want to find out where the nearest and cheapest dispensary is in relation to your hotel. You can learn more here about the cheapest dispensaries in Las Vegas.

Be Smart with Your Travel Dates

Another tip is to book your trip for non-peak travel times and days of the week. What this means is that the airport will be much less busy, giving you plenty of areas to sit and relax. It also means less time spent standing in long line-ups. You can also check with your airline about booking an aisle seat, which will provide you with more room for stretching your legs.

If your arthritis is particularly bad or you’re having a flare-up, you can also call the airline in advance and arrange for wheelchair assistance or help boarding the flight early. While you are actually on the plane flying to your destination, be sure to do regular leg exercises in your seat. You can do leg lifts, raising and lowering your toes and your feet.

Stick to a Healthy Diet

One of the things Las Vegas is known for is the rather vast amount of food options. Not just a lot of options, but also huge portion sizes. All-you-can-eat buffets are the norm in this vacation destination, and they can tempt you to veer away from your normally healthy diet.

Rather than be tempted by all the goodies, sweets, and salty foods, be sure that you drink lots of water, keep the caffeine and alcohol consumption at a minimum, skip the sugar-filled snacks and desserts, and avoid processed foods. All of these can increase inflammation, which will result in even more pain.

Cut Down on the Walking in Las Vegas

Another tip is to cut down on the walking all together and use other transportation whenever necessary. Las Vegas offers plenty of car rental providers, cabs, and even public transportation to get you around. There is no need to walk more than is necessary. You can save the walking for the actual casinos and hotels as you explore them on foot.

Use Heat and Ice When Needed

When packing your suitcase, you may want to throw an electric heating pad and cold compress in the suitcase as well. Both of these can help soothe affected areas at the end of the day. You may even want to use these techniques to start your day if you wake up sore and stiff. Topical pain creams are great to apply immediately following the use of a heat or cold pack. These topical creams are also very portable, making them easy to throw in your toiletries bag.

Make Sure You Keep Moving

This tip may seem counter-intuitive after telling you to slow down and avoid walking too much, but in reality, there is a fine balance you need to achieve. You don’t want to push yourself too much and exhaust your body by over-exerting it, but at the same time, staying still and doing nothing can make arthritis much worse. When you are inactive for long periods your muscles tend to tighten up, which will cause additional pain. This is why gentle stretches can also be useful, as they will prevent your muscles from tightening up.

Enjoy Your Vacation by Nipping Arthritis Pain in the Bud

While it may seem like a big destination like Las Vegas will be impossible to explore and enjoy if you suffer from arthritis, the fact is that there is plenty you can do to help manage and cope with the pain and inflammation. In fact, if you’re on top of things and make sure to follow all of your doctor’s advice, and these tips, you may be able to keep the pain at bay for your entire trip.

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5 Common Wood Types Used in Eco-Friendly Furniture

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Our ancestors had a working idea of how to use furniture since the Neolithic era, relying as they did on stone beds and benches. But it was only after the discovery of farming technologies and the permanent settlement of nomadic communities that people began populating their homes with fixtures to sit, lie down, and rest on. Wood is one furniture material that has endured for a very long time, and based on our consumption habits, the clamour for wood won’t die down anytime soon. In recent years, however, a significant trend has marked a difference in the way we source, produce, and consume wood: the demand for sustainable timber and more environmentally-friendly practices in wood manufacturing.

“Sustainable timber” earns its certification from being sourced in sustainably managed forests. That makes the procurement model much different from the decidedly unsustainable methods used in conventional logging—i.e., in which loggers harvest timber without replenishing the trees they’ve cut down. Making eco-friendly furniture out of sustainable timber yields several benefits: responsible management of our natural resources, the best usage of wood’s natural properties, and the fulfilment of the customer’s need for good-quality furniture.

That said, no wood is created equal. Though wood as a whole is easy for craftsmen to work with, is extremely pliable, and easy to move around, some wood types perform better than others for furniture—and, in addition, are less costly and less demanding to harvest. If you’re interested in buying eco-friendly chairs, tables, benches, or cabinets, find the info to identify the best wood types for timber furniture. To get you started on that task, here’s a short list of the wood types currently used in the manufacturing of eco-friendly furniture, what unique properties they possess, and why they’re ideal for more mindful wood consumption.

  1. Oak, which is a hardwood, is arguably one of the most popular varieties used in everyday furnishing. The wood is known for its durability and resilience, which means that any high-quality oak furniture you own will not need to be replaced for some time. Oak wood also sports distinctive ring and open-grain patterns, and these are often on display in wooden floorings. When buying oak products, seek out forest certification from the manufacturer, as some oak timber sourced outside of Australia is harvested from illegal logging. 
  2. Pine wood is usually associated with Christmas trees, but it also makes for elegant and tasteful furniture all year round. Pine is a softwood variety that is notably fast-growing, which means that replacing pine trees is not so difficult on the forest’s management. The wood also has a closed-grain appearance, making it ideal for those who seek an “unfinished” or “natural wood” aesthetic on their furniture.
  3. Beech. Like oak, beech is a hardwood that is collected from a broad-leafed tree, and there is ample forest infrastructure that preserves the species. Beech is often incorporated into boutique furniture, as it requires a high level of craftsmanship to work with. Signature furnishings that are made out of creamy-white beech wood are straight-grain cabinets and chairs built around a natural curve.
  4. Blackwood—in particular, the Tasmanian Blackwood variety—is not necessarily all black in colour, as it also possesses traces of golden-brown or reddish grain. It is one of Australia’s most sustainable wood sources for furniture, as well as for products like guitars. This wood is also a joy for local craftsmen to work with, as it is easily manipulated with both hand tools and electric tools. You’re likely to find the beautiful grain profile and colour of blackwood in wooden flooring, coffee tables, and beds. 
  5. If you want to patronise sustainable timber from Australia’s neighbours in Asia-Pacific, you might want to explore the hardy, yet lightweight bamboo. This softwood grows incredibly fast and is extremely versatile in its applications; you are as likely to find well-crafted bamboo chairs, benches, and scaffolds as you are to find bamboo chopsticks, bowls, and even spectacles. Be sure to verify the sustainability of your bamboo wood products on platforms such as the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan.

There is so much to discover in the wide and wonderful world of wood. But let’s not forget that we only have one planet from which to grow it, and that our discovery should instigate more responsible action on our part. That said, you likely won’t regret buying eco-friendly furniture for your home or your workplace—and combining an eye for style and comfort with a mind for the environment.

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How Your Home’s Curb Appeal Can Attract or Detract Burglars

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When you hear the term “curb appeal,” you might think about the various attractive features of your home’s exterior that help it to stand out in the neighborhood as a place of beauty. This term is especially important when selling a home — properties with well-kept landscaping and attractive paint will attract more buyers than homes with cracked gutters and rusty tricycles on the lawn.

As it turns out, the concept of curb appeal can also be applied to burglars. Basically, different aspects of a home’s exterior might either invite or hinder burglars. With this in mind, let’s look at some of the ways your home may be enticing thieves and how to remedy this situation.

Overgrown bushes and trees

As WXYZ Detroit notes, burglars are attracted to homes that have big bushes and trees next to the house. They can hide behind the large landscaping features, wait until there are no cars going by and then try to jimmy the window. If you have beautiful shade trees and lovely flowering bushes on your property, especially up near your home, you don’t have to have them removed. Simply keep them smaller and well trimmed so that they will not work as a hiding space. In addition, if you have a shade tree by a window, make sure that the bottom of the tree is trimmed up high enough so that bad buys cannot hide under it. And, if you are in the market for some new landscaping, consider a tree or bush with thorns — anything to help deter nogoodniks from choosing your home.

A lack of security cameras

Pretend for a moment that you are a bad guy wanting to break into a home. One has visible security camera systems around the doors and windows, along with signs and stickers alerting you that they have a home security system, and the house next door is camera free. Which home would you choose to burglarize? Probably the one where you will not be recorded trying to open the doors and windows. Fortunately, there are a number of affordable and user-friendly home security systems from which to choose — and some include some really amazing features like night vision technology.

Dark homes can attract trouble

As Bob Vila notes, many burglars like to work in a cloak of darkness. While trying to save energy and keep your electrical bills lower by leaving outside lights off is an admirable decision, it may also entice bad guys and gals to choose your home over a more well-lit property. Leave on porch lights to discourage criminals from coming near doors, and if you are going to be away for the evening, put some interior lights on timers so it looks like there is always someone at home.

You can still have lovely curb appeal plus a safe home

It is encouraging to know that you can still have an attractive home with many of the features you love, including beautiful landscaping, and still discourage burglars from choosing your property. Install a security camera, keep those trees and bushes trimmed and leave lights on at night, and you will go a long way in reducing your home’s curb appeal to crooks.


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Tips and Tricks for Staying Cozy While Looking Chic

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Whether you’re juggling a hectic work schedule, studying for your finals or trying to run a busy household, finding time for fashion and beauty is probably the last thing on your mind. With most of us wanting to make somewhat of an effort when leaving the house, there are all sorts of tips and tricks that you can utilize to leave you feeling cozy but looking chic. Here are just a few ways to achieve this look as well as some outfit ideas to give you inspiration.


One item of clothing every woman should have in their wardrobe is jeggings. Looking just like a pair of jeans, jeggings are stretchy and soft, giving you the comfort element that you want. Team them with an oversized cardigan, a V-neck and slouchy boots and you’re good to go and ready to face the day ahead of you. There are plenty of different styles of jeggings that you can pick from, as well as an array of colors to match your outfit.

Embrace Your Glasses

For those who wear glasses, you may not realize how many benefits they can bring you when it comes to an outfit. Not only do glasses save you time (such as putting in contact lenses), if you own thick-rimmed glasses, they will frame and define your eyes, meaning you don’t have to bother with eye makeup! If you’re the type of person who likes to get up and go without any hassle, thick-rimmed glasses can help you enormously. Simply finish off your look with some bright lip gloss and you’re ready to walk out the door and face the day ahead.


When it comes to looking chic, you may initially think that only high heels can do the trick. What you may not know is that there are plenty of sneakers and flats that can add a touch of style to an outfit, making it look like you’ve put a lot of thought into your appearance. If you’re willing to splash the cash on a statement piece, there are plenty of Gucci Sneakers that can make any outfit go from ordinary to extraordinary. Those who love Gucci’s products can find these on SSENSE, a site which sells a wide range of high-end fashion brand items such as Gucci shoes, bags, and accessories. What’s more, they also carry other well-known shoe designers such as Jimmy Choo, Prada, Valentino and much more, delivering you some of the trendiest fashion pieces around.

Stylish Sweatpants

When going about your busy life, you will want to wear clothing that feels comfortable. Instead of wearing skin tight fabrics that cause irritation, why not try out a pair of stylish sweatpants? Brands such as Forever 21 stock sweatpants that are cut like a pair of slouchy pants with a chic twist. They may even have some fancy detailing on the pockets, adding a fashionable touch. If you ever stumble across these sweatpants, make sure to splurge on a pair. The great thing about sweatpants is that you can wear them with flats or high-heeled ankle booties, meaning no one will have any clue how cozy you are!


If you’re having a lazy day but need to head outdoors, a tunic will be your best friend. No matter your body shape, tunics can look fantastic on you. Regarded as one of the most versatile pieces to wear (especially in warmer months) tunics come in a wide variety of fits and lengths, making it a must have staple to your collection. There are all sorts of tips that can help you work out how to wear your tunic to best suit your body shape.


A couple of accessories can make all the difference to an outfit for the better. If a ratty shirt and leggings are what you want to wear, simply team them with either boot socks, headwraps, a scarf or statement necklace to transform your appearance. With so many different accessories to pick from, the sky is the limit! Only you know what types of accessories are right for you, so be sure to have a look through your draws to find some quirky and interesting pieces to team with your look.

Outfit Ideas

If you aren’t sure how to piece an outfit together, you’ve come to the right place. For example, if jeggings are your thing, why not team them with a long-sleeved shirt and winter vest? That way, you will look presentable for the day, but stay super cozy, or maybe you like the idea of slouchy pants, a tank top and cropped jacket? With slouchy pants being breathable, soft and silky, they are a fantastic item to have on hand when you’re having a lazy day but want to look chic.

When you’re on the go and have places to be, how you look may be the last thing you worry about. However, making a bit of an effort can make all the difference and leave you feeling more positive and ready for the day ahead. Making small but noticeable changes to your appearance in the form of wearing comfy and stylish clothing can be all it takes to transform your look.

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