Are You Fur-Real? Getting The Kids Their First Pet

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Your husband has been nagging you for years and you have been putting it off with every excuse in the book. The baby is too new. The toddler too grabby. The child too excitable. The excuses are ending and it’s time to embrace it. Yes, it’s time to get your first family pet!

Now, it’s an exciting feeling to know you will be seeing your child’s (and husband’s) reaction when you tell them that they can finally have a furry friend to take care of at home. then you wonder where you should start! There are so many different family pet ideas out there that you should pay attention to what would be right for the size of the home you live in as well as the type of pet that would suit your family.

Family Young Pet Happy Animal Cat Cute Love

Family Young Pet Happy Animal Cat Cute Love

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Typically, cat and dogs are the first pets that a child (and husband) would think of as they are highly ‘interactive’ pets that can really be a friend to you and the family. Well, not so much cats as they pretty much don’t care what you do as long as you feed them and give them affection as they demand it. Dogs on the other hand are a popular family pet and here’s why:

  1. Dogs are trainable animals. You can teach them to potty outside, eat, sleep and drink in the same places.
  2. They are placid animals for the most part and are hugely loyal to their owners, so you won’t have to worry about them not loving you!
  3. They’re excellent for your mood. No matter how rubbish your day has been, the affection and love you would get from your dog upon walking in the front door will lift your mood.
  4. Dogs force you to get some exercise. The fact they need walks means that you have to actually get up and out of the house every day, no matter how bad you are feeling.

Dogs are the sort of animal most children ask for as their first pet. Getting an animal for the home is a great way to teach your children how to take care of another creature and gives them some responsibility. This can help them to mature and develop in a way that’s kind to animals and that’s exactly what you want. Buying a new puppy when you have children is a better idea than going to the rescue as you can train the dog around your child. Rescue pups, wonderful as they are, often have unknown histories and sometimes haven’t been treated well, meaning a visit from a company like could be on the cards before you’ve had a chance to breathe.

Trusting your family with a new pet, whether a hamster or a hound, is something that is a big step to take. As long as you ensure that you all share the responsibility of the newest addition, you won’t ever feel like it was a mistake. Grab that leash, it’s time for walkies!


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