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Disclosure- I received some of the products mentioned below to facilitate my review.  I received no other compensation and all opinions are 100% my own.

mally beauty
If you haven’t tried Mally Beauty you are missing out.  I absolutely LOVE her products.  I first saw Mally Roncal years ago when she was giving make-up and beauty tips on Rachael Ray.  She is the go to make-up artist to many stars and decided to create her own line of cosmetics so all woman can look and feel gorgeous.  I love watching Mally on QVC.  She is so sweet and energetic as she shows how all women can use her products to look and feel their best.  I first saw her line of “bullet proof” eye liners that stayed on all day and I knew I had to try them.  I was so tired of my eye liners running down my face.  Once I tried Mally’s products I was hooked.

effortless airbrush perfect skin mousse
I previously reviewed Mally’s eyeliners and I have been using her blush and eye shadow stick for a while but I hadn’t tried any of her face products.  I felt like I hit the lottery when I was offered to review Mally’s Effortless Airbrush Perfect Skin MousseEvercolor Poreless Face Defender, and Volumizing Mascara.  I don’t like wearing heavy foundations as they make me feel like I am wearing a mask.  I love how light and airy the Effortless Airbrush Perfect Skin Mousse is.  I picked it in the Medium shade and it blends perfectly with my skin leaving my completion smooth and flawless without feeling like I am wearing heavy makeup.  It is simple to apply.  Simply shake the can to add air to the product, press the button on top to apply a little product to the back of your hand, swirl the included professional brush into the product, and brush it all over your face.  It glides on smooth and easily with high quality brush that comes with it making your face flawless.

evercolor poreless face defender
The Evercolor Poreless Face Defender is an amazing product.  Unlike regular finishing powders, it doesn’t settle in fine lines and wrinkles making them more visible.  It actually hides and minimizes them while reduces shine and sets your makeup leaving your face smooth and even toned.   It comes with a professional sponge to help apply it easily to your skin.  Simply dab the sponge on the compact to get some of the product and pat it all over your face to mattify your makeup for a beautiful finish.

The Volumizing Mascara is great for making your eyelashes look long and thick without making them look gloppy.  It features a combination of natural waxes and powders that give lashes an instant boost.  The plush brush works with the powders in the formula to help thicken lashes without clumping and it is great for finding all your tiny lower lashes, too.

after mally beauty makeup
Become a Mallynista now and try Mally Beauty on the Mally Beauty website or Mally Beauty on QVC.  I hope to bring you more Mally Beauty product reviews soon so keep an eye out!
Check out my video review below to see how to use these awesome Mally Beauty products and more:

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  1. Very beautiful. Loved the video and the product. I don’t do makeup that much, especially foundation for the same reason you have. I hate how it looks like you have makeup on. This looks like a great product for a newbie like me to try. Thanks for the review!!

  2. April Golightly says:

    This makeup looks great on you! Love it!

  3. Leanette Fernandez says:

    Love the look!

  4. Your makeup looks flawless just as if it was air-brushed. I don’t go anywhere without eyeliner so it’s nice to hear this product really works!

    • Thanks! It really is easy and goes on smoothly. And I accidentally fell asleep last night before I washed my face and it still looked perfect this morning. I don’t recommend not washing your face before bed but it just shows how long it lasts. 🙂

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