AppVentures iFirehouse and iDollhouse Playcases w/ Apps Review

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Children like to play with firehouses and dollhouses- they have for generations.  But AppVentures has brought playing with both to a whole new level.  AppVentures iFirehouse and iDollhouse are themed cases for either an iPad or an iPhone include a dollhouse or firehouse app to enhance the playing experience.

We were sent the AppVentures iDollhouse to review.  First I have to say I love that the AppVentures iDollhouse is a protective case so when my girls are playing with my iPad I don’t have to worry that they will drop and break it.  We’ve taken my iPad out with us while it was in the dollhouse case and received several compliments.  No one had ever seen a dollhouse iPad case before.  Both the physical dollhouse and the app compliment each other in a unique, fun way.  We’ve been keeping ours on even when we’re not using the app.

Once I put my iPad snugly inside the dollhouse and downloaded the FREE included app, my girls were ready to go.  The dollhouse also includes a little girl figure.  The figure has a QR code on it that when scanned by the iPad it brings the little girl inside the dollhouse to play with her.  Cute, isn’t she?

Once inside the virtual dollhouse there are 6 interactive rooms with lots of things to do.  Children can really use their imaginations to play in each room filled with colors, sounds, and fun.  Brush your teeth in the bathroom, watch tv, or even play on the see-saw outside.  You can add your own pictures to the frames on the wall and decorate the rooms how you like.  There are over 70 different interactive dollhouse activities that will entertain for hours.  And because this dollhouse is portable, you can take the fun along with you- in the car, in a restaurant, or anywhere else your little one needs to stay busy. 
From The Sassy Little (9 year old) Blogger- I like that you can make pretend food in the kitchen for the characters and have them eat what you made.  You can also wash the dishes which is really fun.  (Insert note from Mommy- Why doesn’t she offer to wash our REAL dishes?)  You can also sit the characters down on the couch and have them read a book.  Another thing I like about it is that you have to water the plants to keep them alive.  My favorite thing is that you can have the characters go outside and play on the see-saw and go down the slide.  This is one of my favorite apps and the case makes it even more special.

The iDollhouse and the iFirehouse be hitting mass retail in the fall, but can be purchased here now:
Once you receive your iDollhouse or iFireshouse, simply download the app and you’re on your way (after purchase you get a rebate for the app so it’s FREE!).
iDollhouse App –
iFirehouse App –

Ages 3+ (my girls are 7 & 9 and still had a lot of fun with this app)
MSRP: iPad version ($24.99), iPhone version ($19.99)

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