Amazing Cheap Game Ideas For Your Children

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Keeping your children entertained when you’re on a budget can be tricky. Expensive days out and new toys are pricey. That means that you’re going to have to find other ways to keep your children busy. It is possible to entertain your little ones without spending a fortune. Doing so will mean that you need to use a little imagination. The great thing about children is that they are adaptable. They will love the fact that you are taking the time to play with them. Money can’t buy quality time, and so you should not worry about how much money you can spend on your children. Instead, focus on how much time you can spend with them. Here are some amazing and cheap games to entertain your children.

Limbo in the backyard

One simple game that your children will love is limbo. If the weather is nice, go outside with your children and play a game of limbo. All you will need for this game is a long stick. You can likely find a stick in the yard or outside. If you can’t find one, a stick from a broom will also do the trick. You will need at least three people to play this game. Two of you should hold on to either end of the stick whilst the other one bends backwards to go underneath the stick. Take it in turns. Each time lower the stick a little closer to the ground to make the game harder.

Doughnuts on a string

One classic children’s game that won’t cost you must is doughnuts on a string. Unsurprisingly, the two things you will need for this game are doughnuts and string. Make sure you get doughnuts with holes in so that you can tie them up. Use the string to tie the doughnuts so that they hang down from a pole of a ledge. Your children have to race to see who can eat their doughnut first. The one catch is that they need to ensure that they only use their mouth. They should keep their hands behind their back at all times.

Decorate boxes like cars and tanks

What is the one thing that children do when there are boxes around the house? That’s right; they play with them. Indulge your children’s imagination by buying some cheap moving boxes and using them in a game. You will also need some paint and craft materials for this game. Let your children decorate a box each that they can play inside afterwards. Often boys like to pretend that their box is a car or a tank, and so they will likely decorate their boxes in this way. Once the decoration is over, your children can play at being tanks and cars.

Have a sports day in your yard

If you have a large family, you can put on a sports day in your yard. Play the same sports that children play at school. For example, put on an egg and spoon race in your yard with ease. Make sure that you hard boil the eggs in advance, or you could end up with a mess. Pick some of your children’s favorite sports to focus on and make an event out of the day.

Hide and seek (in the dark)

Put a twist on the classic game of hide and seek by playing it in the dark. Draw all the drapes in the house and turn out the lights. Count to ten and have your children hide in certain areas of the house. The game will be more difficult than usual because you will find it difficult to see.


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