Action Alert- Product Review and Giveaway- A MUST READ FOR PARENTS WITH KIDS WHO USE THE INTERNET!!!

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Are you worried about your child’s safety online?

Do you really know what they are doing, who they are talking to, and what they might be saying?

Internet safety is a big concern for many parents!  I am so grateful and relieved that I found Action Alert.

Action Alert is a revolutionary internet parenting device.  It of course is no substitution for parenting, but it is a tool to help with the job.  Any child can click on the wrong thing when sitting at the computer, even with an adult by their side, and be exposed to inappropriate content.  Action Alert protects against this!

All you do is plug Action Alert into an open USB on the computer and set up an account.  Within minutes you can start monitoring what is happening on your computer.  You can set the controls based on your families individual needs, what sites you want to allow, etc.

The statics are horrifying-

1 in 5 children have been sexually solicited online

7 out of 10 children view pornography

40% of children are bullied online 

Some of the features include:

Access Control- The computer is disabled with Action Alert is unplugged

Activity Notification Alerts- Receive inappropriate activity alerts via e-mail or text (if someone types an inappropriate message to your child while they are online you will get an alert IN REAL TIME!!!)

Activity Video Recording- Record 60 hours of all computer activity (keystrokes, what is clicked, etc.- play it back just like a DVR)

Time Allowances- set daily parameters for when the computer can be used

Site Blocking- block unwanted and inappropriate sites

Content Filtering- allows only safe searches to be conducted

Keystroke Logging- tracks usernames, passwords, and both sides of chat and e-mail conversations






I played around with Action Alert and it worked well.

It was very easy to set up (plug it in, install it, set up a password, decide on settings and your done- 5 minutes MAX).

I like that I can also set how long each day my children can play on the computer- no more fighting with me when time is up.  They can’t argue with a device plugged into the computer.  And the best part- if they pull the Action Alert out of the computer, they will not be able to get online.  PLUS, it will e-mail me right away that the Action Alert has been removed.  I even set it up so it will send me a text message as soon as the Action Alert is removed.

You can also set it up to text and e-mail you when your child is being bullied online, solicited inappropriately, on the computer during a time when they aren’t supposed to be, etc.

I HIGHLY recommend this for any parent of children who use the computer and the internet.

It sells on the Action Alert website for $29.99 plus S&H and it’s worth every penny!

Also check out, the blog of Brian Lawson, a computer expert, father, and founder of Action Alert!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for performing this review. I received a free product to try out and review.  The opinions and statements expressed by me in this post are my own personal and honest opainion of this product.


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  1. Stacy Fields says:

    This is a great idea! I really like the real time texting, to inform you things that your child is doing.

  2. I want one of these…. this is a great way to protect your children and make sure they are following the rules also…p.s you can also spy on the hubby…lol..j/k…love the way you can get text….woop woop

    • I agree! My girls are young and I love it but I can really see how this would greatly protect old kids, too. And I love that it’s in real time!

  3. What an awesome idea. It is hard to monitor every second the kids are on the computer and this helps in real time.

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