5 Top Tips to Help You Transform Your Bedroom

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If you think your bedroom is looking a little drab, now’s the time to take action. You certainly won’t be alone in making changes to your home. Earlier this year, the Wall Street Journal reported that Americans are spending big to upgrade their homes. It pointed to figures produced by the U.S. Census Bureau that suggested consumers spent $130 billion on remodeling projects last year. This was up by 3.1 percent compared with 2012.

Embarking on a bedroom revamp can be a little daunting, but the following top tips should help you achieve your aims.

1) Time for a change of flooring?

There’s plenty of information and advice available online when it comes toflooring, and it’s important that you’re 100 percent satisfied with yours. If your carpet’s looking a little bedraggled or you’re sick of the color or pattern, rip it up and start again. Perhaps stripped wooden flooring would better suit your tastes. If you’re going for this look, it’s a good idea to add a rug for extra comfort.

2) Rethink your furniture

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to furniture. Even if you don’t like your bed, closet, shelving and so on, you might be so used to seeing the items that you hardly notice them. However, it’s now easy to buy top-qualityfurniture online, meaning there’s no need to compromise.

You can take your pick from a selection of attractive discount bedroom furniture items in a host of styles and colors. It’s amazing how much of a difference the addition of some new furniture can make to your bedroom.

3) Clear the clutter

On a related point, make sure you invest in enough storage products. No matter how much effort you put into designing your bedroom, it’ll look a mess if there are too many items on display in there. By investing in the right bedside tables, drawers, bookcases and other products, you can ensure you’re able to clear the clutter.

Having a tidy bedroom is much more relaxing and it may even help you sleep more soundly.

4) Get creative with color

Your bedroom is the one room in your home in which you can feel completely free when it comes to color. After all, it’s your space and it’s important that you put your own stamp on it. For the best results, it’s a good idea to aim for a balanced look. For example, you may want to create an accent wall in a bright, bold hue. To blend this look, you can echo the color with details such as cushions and artwork.

5) Layer your lighting

As well as overhead lighting, it’s important to have bedside lamps. Also, you might want to consider picture lights and wall lights. So that you have total flexibility when it comes to the brightness of your boudoir, you can install dimmer switches too.

By focusing on key design elements like these, you should be able to create the bedroom of your dreams, and you needn’t splash too much cash in the process.

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