5 Ingredients: Chocolate Turkey Recipe, Super Cute!

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5 Ingredient Turkey
(the chocolate kind)
You can make this super cute and easy turkeys for your upcoming feast

What you will need:

(should probably use chocolate, too bad we realized after…)
Flat Cookies

Follow these pictures step by step and you will have a cute little turkey that’s not only super cute to look at,
but tastes amazing also

Add about a dime size of frosting to outer edge of bottom cookie, place 2nd cookie on top making a “L” shape

Put about the same amount of frosting on the largest flat part of the Mini Reese Cup and attach it to the vertical cooking allowing it to rest on the platform cookie

Next put a small amount of frosting onto the “head” aka the Whopper and set it onto the Reese, making sure it’s secure to the cookie as well

This is when you attach the “feet” the orange M&M’s and then decorate the back feathers any way you would like

For the face we chopped a M&M in 1/4 and attached to the “head” with frosting. To get only a small amount of frosting, we put it into a sandwich baggie and cut a tiny piece of the corner off. Decorate the face as you please and the use a small pice of Pull n’ Peel Licorice to top it off!

My awesome assistant ๐Ÿ™‚ !! See it’s so easy even the kids can do it!
And viola! There is a chocolate turkey!!

And this is the one my daughter made ๐Ÿ™‚ she’s talented!

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