5 Fun and Inventive Modern Storage Solutions

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It’s always great having the opportunity to redesign your home, whether it’s a small corner or every room. Most of your personality shines through the furniture choices you make, which is why it’s important to have fun with it.

There are so many modern furniture solutions these days, like the coveted spare pull out bed needed when extra family members might stay over for the holidays (or maybe when the partner is snoring!).

When choosing a furniture company, however, family-run businesses care about what they do and work hard with their loved ones to achieve it.

  1. Don’t Underestimate The Power of The Storage Unit

It may sound so simple, but a lot of people forget about the creativity you can have with storage shelves and cubes. Most come in individual pieces so you can build and tower the shape you want, to fit with the shape of your room. You can even finish off with a couple of funky backlights to make the shelves pop.

  1. Storage Benches: Comfortable and Functional

You know when you need a place to sit, but you also need a lot of storage space, with no room for both? Well, why not try a storage bench solution that’s the best of both worlds. For example, if you have a busy area by the front door filled with shoes and umbrellas, try storing them in the bench out of sight, which doubles as a place to sit to pull your shoes on and off. Brands like Anima Domus have a passion for the home, and you can check out their contemporary furniture Miami showroom if you’re in the area and are looking to rethink your storage options.

  1. Push And Pull-Able Furniture For a Wheely Good Time

The worst part about deciding to re-arrange the room is wondering how you’re going to attempt to move the heavy furniture that’s started to grow roots into the floor. Instead, why not opt for shelving units built on wheels for easy movement wherever you want them? No strain, no back pain, and an easy fix to the room change dilemma.

  1. Shelves, Shelves And More Shelves

It’s an obvious idea, but shelves are no longer just shelves. Gone are the days where it would just be a piece of wood pinned to the wall. Now you can try floating shelves, hanging shelves, shelves made from wine crates, shelves made of rope; you could even attempt to make your own shelves from whatever items you have lying about the house. There’s always a shelf to fit your taste and theme.

  1. A Coat Rack That Has Everything

Usually it’s a case of coat on the hook, keys in the bowl and mail on the table by the door, isn’t it? Why not create a coat rack that has a shelving unit on top of the hooks so that all your important “by the door” items can be kept safely together? Giving you extra floor space and a designated place where you know everything will be waiting for you.

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