Why You Should Consider A Second Dog

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Our four legged friends offer us so much love. They are great companions and brilliant playmates for the kids. Sure, there are those dreaded bath times, and the expense of veterinary care. But there’s no way we could ever give up our beloved pooches. Life just wouldn’t be the same. They are one of the family.

So would you ever consider getting another dog? It may double your veterinary costs. It will certainly double your food bill for your canine. But having two, for the most part, is not a lot different than having one. They can both come for a walk with your to the doggy park. And they can both snuggle in for a lovely cuddle. You may have to move over a bit more on the bed, though!

One of the best reasons for getting a second dog is to provide company for your first. He may struggle with loneliness at times, especially if you are out at work all day. As the kids develop other interests, he may long for a playmate to get excited with and roll around with. Is there room in your lives for another member of the family?

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You can find puppies for sale online that need adopting into a forever home. If you have a loving and caring home for a new puppy, then you may be their ideal owner. Of course, it is a decision that needs to be agreed by everybody in the family. You will also need to be certain your first dog is ready for a new pack member too.

Introducing a new dog into the home isn’t a lot different to introducing dogs at the park. However, a park is a community area. If your dog is territorial, meeting a new puppy in his home could require extra care and attention. A puppy is younger, and so your first dog is unlikely to feel concerned or threatened. An older dog may try to become Alpha, which could upset your first.

These early introductions can be managed carefully and calmly with all the family present. Lots of extra cuddles and attention all round will soon help everyone feel settled. If you are struggling with a clash of personalities, give them time to play together at the park, away from any territory. Make sure they each have their own toys and that they are treated equally.

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Of course, many people have more than two dogs in their home. It makes for a lot of fun! If you are a doggy lover with the space, this may be an option for you. Most dogs are glad of some extra canine company, so introduction problems are quite rare. Your local dog trainer can usually offer very useful advice for any socialization queries.

Expanding your family can be an exciting time for everyone. Getting to know a new doggy personality is great fun. You’ll have plenty of extra cuddles and lots of playtime to enjoy with your new four-legged companion. Have a lovely time with your new pup.

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