Why Homemade Food Should Be Your Bread And Butter

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Do you watch a variety of cookery programmes on TV? There’s so many of them that you’re bound not to be at least hooked by one. So why do we reject the advice given to us by these top chefs and still buy ready made meals? The mind boggles.

Convenience is a factor that we must take into account. Yes, you can just microwave your ready meal and it’s on the table after 3 and a half minutes but is there the feeling of great satisfaction in this process? And how do you feel after eating it? Lets face it. You could have had a lovely day of preparing a delicious meal for you and your loved ones. There’s nothing quite like cutting an onion is there? It gets very emotional though at times. Also,have a think about what it’s doing for your body. A ready meal is not only expensive but also contains incredibly high amounts of salt and other doses of unhealthy flavourings whereas D.I.Y cooking is much healthier, cheaper and brings the family together. Only one winner isn’t there?

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Homemade cooking has many more advantages too. You’ve done so well in planting those seeds in order for delicious vegetables to grow, so what a waste it would be not to use them in your meals? They will taste fresh and nutritious and why not be inventive and throw those carrots in puff pastry or those runner beans in a stir fry? The choice is yours. This is definitely cooking at its finest. Not only this, but you can creative in your fruit salads and breakfasts. Mix in some seasonal berries to your granola or ripe apples from your tree to your homemade tarte tatin. Just remember to wash them all first!

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There’s so much technology in cooking that even if there was a splash of misery in the old styles of prepping, they have certainly been taken over now. Save money on your daily loaf purchase by investing in a bread maker. Remember to go online and check out sites like great bread maker reviews before your purchase however. Once you’ve found one that suits your lifestyle, you can make your range of paninis, toasties and even banana bread. Moreover, if you love eating cakes from the local patisserie, then why not try making one of your own. Historically, they used to be an upper class treat but now it’s for everybody’s tastes. Celebrate that by making a lemon drizzle, victoria sponge or a good old chocolate cake and treat your friends and family. If they can’t get enough, maybe you could even sell them at the church fair, the country club or beyond. Spread the word. Be creative. Be imaginative. Who knows what this could lead to? A head chef job perhaps?

Your kitchen will certainly be the talk of the town! You’ll be amazed by what it does to your bank account too. That expensive family trip to Florida may actually be back in the pipeline everyone!

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