What To Do If You’re Struggling With Addiction

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Don’t feel bad or ashamed if you’re battling addiction. It’s more common than you think and you’re not alone. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Stay focused on what you can do to get better and all the people who care about you.

There’s no need to run and hide. At a time like this, you need to be open and start talking about your problems. There are steps you can take to help you get healthy and back on your feet. You don’t have to suffer any longer. See what to do if you’re struggling with addiction.

Admit there’s A Problem

Start by admitting to yourself that there’s a problem and you recognize that you’re not in a good place. It’ll be hard, but it’s a necessary step in the process. This alone will help you see that while you may be afraid, being honest with yourself is always the right way to go. Write it down if you have to or say it in the mirror. You have to truly believe that you’re not well. You have to want to find a solution that’s going to get you to a better place in your life.

Remain Hopeful

This isn’t a time to talk down to yourself or beat yourself up. You need to focus on remaining hopeful that you’ll get through this, no matter what it takes. Hope allows you to see that there are multiple exit paths available to you and that with a little hard work you’ll be able to locate them just fine. Find the light at the end of the tunnel and focus your energy there. Don’t let your mind wander to thinking about what could go wrong and why you’re not good enough to go through with fighting this battle.

Find Support

You’ll definitely want to find support at a time like this. You’re going to be facing a lot of confusion, hardship and difficult emotions that you’ll want to share with someone else and not have to process alone. Find a trusted friend or family member to talk to and let them in on what’s going on. Tell them what you need from them and see if they’d be interested in stepping up and helping you. It’s a good idea to find someone who you can call if you’re feeling uneasy or are having any cravings.

Get Help

It’s never too late to get professional help. Check yourself into a facility like Muse Treatment where they specialize in helping those suffering from addiction. Their inpatient drug rehab program prides itself on a safe experience to recover and adjust to a new life in sobriety, while allowing clients to maintain a strong sense of integrity and individuality. Their facility provides a program that covers therapy and discovery, relapse prevention and education and brain training. This may be exactly what you need to get over the hump and be on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

Focus on the Positives

While there’s going to be a temptation to see the negative that’s been brought to life from your addiction, you have to stay positive. Your brain is already suffering from addiction and doesn’t need any more harmful and destructive thought patterns lingering. Read stories of success and uplifting quotes to get you through the rough patches. Start a gratitude journal and record all you’re grateful for each day and read it continuously. Your mind needs all of the optimism it can get right now and positive thinking skills it’s what’s going to help you succeed at a time like this.

Build A New Lifestyle

There’s so much to experience and enjoy once you get clean. Focus your energy on rebuilding. Think about all that can be, and the potential you now have. Review your strengths and what you do bring to the table. Begin dreaming about a job you desire, where you want to live and who you want to be a part of your journey. Picture and visualize all that could be and put your energy into setting and reaching your new goals. This will help you want to overcome the addiction because you’ll see how much it’s been holding you back once you have a clear head.

Surround yourself with People who understand

It’s extremely difficult to battle addiction alone. You need people who are going to pick you up when you’re feeling down and not judge you no matter how bad it gets. This is a great time to choose new friends and keep the ones who’ve always been there for you. Surround yourself with people who are cheering for you to heal and love you. Distance yourself from anyone who makes your recovery harder and doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Going through a tough situation like this will quickly reveal who those people are.

Adopt new Coping Skills

The way you’ve always coped with stress wasn’t healthy. You need to come up with new ways to deal with the hardships of life. Listen to music, exercise and start opening up more to people who you trust. Developing new coping skills is essential to staying sober and not letting your addiction creep back into your life. Come up with a long list of ideas that you can turn to when you’re feeling anxious or stressed out. Keep a journal and write down what works for you and what doesn’t, so you can adjust accordingly. You’ll soon realize that you don’t need destructive behaviors to enjoy your days. You can live a sober life and still have fun.


Addiction is no easy feat. While you have a long road ahead of you, you can overcome it with the right tools in place. Focus on the end goal and what your life can look like when you stay clean. Don’t let roadblocks and obstacles get you down. Gather a good support system and only allow positive thoughts to consume you. This is what to do if you’re struggling with addiction.

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