What Should You Do with Your Dog While You Work?

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Everyone has to work, even if you don’t want to. You might not mind going to work every day, but you can bet your dog does. Even if he or she is happy to lounge around the house, they’re sure to miss you during the day. You might find it hard to leave them behind too. If you want to make sure that they’re comfortable during the day, there are a few things you can do. You can make them happier while they’re at home or get someone else to care for them. Here are your options for when you want to make your four-legged friend happier.

Hire a Dog Walker

If you think your dog would be happier at home, you can hire a dog walker. Someone can come and take your pooch for a walk however many times a day you would like. You can give them instructions for how far to go and how often to walk them. It will mean giving them a key so that they can get into your home. If you hire a professional dog walker, make sure you check their references. You might also find a friend or family member who is willing to do it for you. You can even find free services where people will walk your dog for the joy of it.

Choose a Daycare

Another option is to use daycare. Sending your hound to dog daycare is a good idea if they can handle a different environment. While there, they can have the opportunity to do lots of fun things. They’ll get to play and go on walks, and there might be other activities available too. Some places offer agility courses or even hydrotherapy for their dogs. You’ll be leaving your dog with professionals, so it can be very reassuring.

Make Them Comfortable at Home

You may just decide to leave your dog at home on his or her own. With some dogs, this might mean you have to pop in on your lunch break to take them outside. However, some dogs will be happy to stay home all day without going out. Older dogs, in particular, can spend the whole day sleeping. If you leave your dog at home, make sure that they’re comfortable. Leave enough food and water, as well as some toys. You might want to ensure they have heat or that it’s cool enough for them. Some people even put on the radio or TV, so they have something to listen to.

Take Them to Work

There’s one more option, which isn’t available for everyone. Some people take their dogs to work with them. You need to work in a dog-friendly office to do this. You’ll have more luck with particular industries or young startups. You can look for a job that specifies the office is pet-friendly. Or, if you think your boss might be interested, you could suggest bringing your dog in. However, they need to be well behaved and spend most of the day sitting or lying out of the way.

Choose whichever one of these options suits you and your dog best. Select the right one and you’ll both be happy.


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