Walkies! Essentials For Your Pooch’s Favorite Time of Day

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If you are a dog owner or dog lover, you will know that you can’t say the “w” word around a four-legged friend without having to take them for a long walk. They’ll be grabbing their leash and pawing at the door until you give in and take them. After all, walk time is most pup’s favorite time of day! Dog walking is a basic activity that most people can do. But there are a couple of things that you should always make sure that you take with you to make the experience safe, fun and simple. Here’s a little checklist to help you on your way.

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A Leash

Your dog may be well trained, have a good temperament and be great with other pooches and kids. But you still need to ensure that they are on a leash while they’re out in public. Why? Well, there are a few reasons. Firstly, you never know how other people’s dogs will react to your pup. They may have issues with other dogs and attack. You don’t want your best bud getting hurt now, do you? Secondly, there are lots of distractions out there. Most dogs will chase cats or smaller critters like squirrels. You never know where the chased animal may run and you don’t want your pooch chasing one out into the road or another hazardous area. There are all sorts of potential threats out there, so protect your dog in all ways. Being on a leash doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to be at your heel either. You can get stretchy leashes that extend. This gives you control over how far your dog can roam.

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A Harness

As your dog is going to be on a leash, it’s important to make this as comfortable as possible for them. Get them a harness rather than attaching the leash directly to their collar. Leashes on collars can cause respiratory problems, as dogs often pull and the pressure exerted in this situation is mainly on their neck. Harnesses spread the pressure of pulling and are also more difficult for your pup to slip out of. They are by far the safest option for most pooches.

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Doggie Bags

Your dog is likely to do their business while they’re out on their walk, so make sure you have something on hand to clear it up. You don’t want others to accidentally step in your dog’s mess and places, where you walk, are likely to be frequented by children who can become sick if they come into contact with it. Most public spaces have penalties and fines for left dog mess too, so avoid having to fork out by always clearing up. Always have biodegradable doggie bags at hand. These allow you to clear the mess in a quick, safe and clean manner.

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Water and Water Bowl

Walking is thirsty business and you want to keep your pet hydrated at all times. This is why it’s so important to take a drink along for them. Especially during summer months when temperatures soar and dehydration is more common. Not to worry though, there are handy products out there to make carrying drinks more simple. Invest in a flexible water bowl that can be squashed down for easy carrying. Many come with hooks to attach to your belt loop or bag strap for simple portability. They are easily popped out and filled with water from your own bottle. Alternatively, there are bottles with trays attached. These allow you to filter the amount of water that your dog drinks, allowing it to last throughout the entire walk.

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Night Time Safety Accessories

Some of us prefer to walk our dogs at night. Perhaps you work long shifts in the day and have more time for a stroll after hours. Maybe your dog is nervous and is more comfortable walking at times when there are fewer other dogs around. Regardless of your reasons, walking your dog at night is fine. However, there are a few extra things that you need to ensure your pup’s safety in the dark. The main concern is visibility. You need to make sure that your dog is visible to other pedestrians, cyclists and road traffic. There are a few accessories that can help you with this. You can invest in collars and leashes with reflective surfaces. These will glow up in the headlights if a car is passing or when you and your pooch are crossing the road. You can also get flashing lights which can clip onto collars or fitted LED hoops for around your dog’s neck while they walk.

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