Vital Points To Consider When Deciding Which Dog Breed Is Best For You

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Bringing a dog into your home is a wonderful and exciting experience, but you will have some serious decisions to make before you get to that stage. After you have decided that a dog is the right pet for you, you need to work out which breed will fit into your lifestyle the best.

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Have a read through these main considerations before making your decision:


How much space do you have? A large garden and outdoor spaces are needed for big dogs such as dalmatians and collies. If you have a small apartment with no yard, you will need to focus on smaller dogs, such as terriers and toy breeds.

Small Children

A dog will need to fit in with the whole family. While most breeds can live in a family life, there are some factors you need to consider. Labrador’s are seen as ideal family dogs due to their good nature and laid back personalities. Larger strong dogs need to be watched around small children, as they can easily become boisterous and knock them over. Children have a tendency to pick up and mollycoddle smaller toy breeds. This should be discouraged as you may end up with a bad tempered pooch, which can lead to behavioural problems. Children will need to learn how to behave with a dog, just as the dog must learn with them.


There are many designer dog breeds nowadays which are becoming very popular. French bulldogs, pugs and unusual cross breeds all cost significant amounts of money, some in the thousands. But there are plenty of lovely breeds which are much more affordable, such as many terriers and gun dogs.

Breeder or Rescue Centre

If you buy a puppy, you will need to do you research and only buy a healthy dog from a respectable breeder. Try not to feel sorry for a puppy from a puppy farm as this will only encourage and fund this terrible industry more. There are also many wonderful dogs in rescue centres, waiting for their forever home. Different breeds of all ages are available, just inform the staff of your requirements and they will advise which pooches to look at.


More intelligent breeds, such as spaniels and collies, will take a lot of time. They will need to be trained and entertained to keep them mentally stimulated. All dogs need basic training, and while more intelligent breeds will pick this up faster, they will also bore quicker. Any breed will become destructive and develop behavioural problems if neglected and ignored.


You need to be practical with how much exercise you are going to be able to give your dog. All dogs need to be walked, but smaller toy breeds will only need one short to medium walk a day, while larger and more energetic breeds will need multiple, long walks. Exercise is a vital part of maintaining your dog’s health.


Some breeds seem to inherit specific health problems. This is due to how they have been bred throughout the years. Pugs and Bulldogs can develop breathing problems, while Labradors and Retrievers can suffer from dog obesity. TheDogHealth discusses obesity in dogs, but you need to make sure you are able to look after and maintain your dog’s health, no matter what breed you choose.


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