The Ultimate Home Buying Checklist

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There’s a lot to take into account when moving home. It’s a task that involves a number of different pieces moving at the same time. In many ways, it’s the ultimate test of multitasking. You have to think about finance, your kids schooling, duration, and moving. As well as this, you have to consider all the different services you need to hire when making the move. But this checklist should make your next home move a lot easier.

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1) Check The Market

Your first step should be to check whether the market is healthy. If it is, you’ll have no problem selling an old home, but you might have difficulty buying a new one. Ideally, you want house prices where you are moving, to be low. But, you want to make an easy sell on your old home.

2) Selling Your Old Home

If you’re selling an old home, it’s important to think about boosting the value and making it more attractive to potential buyers. There are easy and cheap methods for this as well as more expensive ventures. You can start by considering smaller changes. For instance, repainting your walls cream will give buyers a fresh canvas to design their dream home on. Or, you may want to consider bigger renovations. One of the best ways you can add value to your home is by converting your loft into another room.

3) Finding Your New Home

When you are trying to find your new home, you should not be limiting your horizons. If you can relocate to a new location further away, you should consider this. Do some research online to find the right house for you at the right price. But beware some house sellers see the asking price as the equivalent of an opening bid. They expect the home to go for a lot more.

4) Viewing The Home

Once you start considering purchasing a home on the market you must view it carefully. Think about different factors like age as well as any property damage. An inspector will make sure the house is up to appropriate living standards. But, the final decision on the buy is yours.

5) Buying The Home

When you find your new home, you should immediately be considering the path you will take to pay for it. You should consider the different options carefully. As well as this, you should make sure you find the best price for whatever route you take. For instance, if you are borrowing a mortgage make sure you speak to a broker to find the best deal on the market. If you are taking out a home loan, use to find the best interest rates. That way, you won’t be losing any money on what is sure to be an expensive life change.

Finally, don’t forget, when you buy your home to haggle on the price. The first step will be putting down an offer. Remember an estate agent is required to bring any offer you make to the seller. We recommend you start with an offer approximately ten grand under the asking price and see what they come back with.

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