The Future is History

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Welcome to the New Age! It’s the revival of the Old Age. Whilst you may be sat there thinking that this is somewhat of an oxymoron, take into consideration all of the old trends, styles, fads and fashions that are making an appearance again. What your mother may have worn decades ago and is sat unused in her wardrobe could be something that people are paying thousands to be able to get the chance to wear and be ‘in’ for a season.

It’s not just the fashion that’s making a comeback, either – there are certain hobbies, pastimes and activities which are taking the world by storm after previously dying what people assumed to be a certain death. So what can we do now to get back in touch with our history, but revive our future?


Let’s have a throwback to the 60s, shall we? Meditation was all the rage in this groovy era, with hippies sitting down in circles, holding hands and chanting together to reach their inner peace, man. Thankfully it’s taken a turn for the better and meditation is now somewhat more a solitary activity which doesn’t necessarily involve all the chanting, humming and other odd sounds that you wouldn’t feel comfortable doing even alone, nevermind in a room full of people. Head over to Meditative Wisdom for a guide on gathering up the inspiration around you and drawing attention to your inner self rather than the outside world. You don’t need much more than space, calm and quiet to meditate, but there are things that you can use to aid your thinking, such as cushions, beads and necklaces to get you started.


It’s somewhat of a niche, hipster thing to get involved with now – baking. People are experimenting more and more, especially with bread, and what was previously left up to your Granny to do for her own enjoyment on a Sunday afternoon is now taking the world by storm. There are baking championships happening in every major city, and independent stores, bakeries, cafes and restaurants all eager to display their own goods for your consumption. The rise in popularity is probably due to the amount of food channels which are focused solely on the promotion of traditional baking; shows like The Great British Bake Off in the UK were to blame for the sudden increase in baking equipment sales around the country, with every guy thinking he was the new Paul Hollywood.


How many things have you seen popping up on Etsy or similar craft sites which have been hand-knitted or crocheted? There’s something about it – especially crochet, as this is the one thing that machines haven’t been able to master yet. Handmade crocheted garments are a work of art, and are such a therapeutic thing to do. When you’re left with a beautiful product such as a granny square blanket (very in right now) or beautiful shawl to show off, there’s little wonder that this intrinsic hobby is gaining a lot of new, interested and very excitable new followers.

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