The Definitive Guide To Throwing An Unforgettable Party

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Throwing the perfect party can be a massive headache if you aren’t organized. You may have spent an awful lot of time and money, but all your hard work will be undone by the simplest of oversights. There are a lot of considerations to take into account, so you can definitely be forgiven if you were to forget something. That’s where this guide comes in, to help you create a checklist and pull off the perfect party.

Choose the Right Venue

The most important part is going to be choosing the right venue, and there are a number of things to consider. First of all, you need to focus on accessibility. Not everyone is going to be driving, especially if there’s alcohol involved, so you need to pick somewhere that’s easy to get to. Secondly, what determines the size of your venue will be the number of guests. You’ll want plenty of room for everyone to sit comfortably, and also room to maneuver. Your distant Uncle won’t be able to get his groove on without a spacious dance floor, will he?

Pick a Theme

Some of the best parties are often themed ones. That doesn’t mean everyone needs to attend in fancy dress, either. Especially among adults, though, a common theme will help people settle in quicker. It’s also much more enjoyable to experience different surroundings once in awhile. Even if it’s something as simple as the music or catering (more on that later), you should think outside the box.

The Bar: Open or Closed?

No party is complete without drinks flowing freely. You need to decide, however, whether or not that’s going to come at your expense. There are many benefits to putting everything on your tab. Your guests will be happier, for one. There are some perils, though. Things may get expensive, especially if people take advantage of your generosity. Not to mention the possibility of your cousin exceeding her limits and ruining the night. A good tactic is to put a set amount behind the bar, and once that’s been used up, your guests have to dip into their own pockets for more.


As I mentioned earlier, catering can play a big part in how much fun your guests ultimately have. Everybody likes food, and free food just tends to taste that little bit sweeter. If you’re going to put on a spread, try to do something more than just the basics. Link it to the theme you decided on earlier. For example, if you’re throwing a flamenco party, it would make sense to have a Spanish buffet. In this instance, looking for a company in the business of catering tapas would be a good move.

The Guests

Okay, so your guests are the most critical component of your party. Besides, if they don’t turn up, there is no party! All of the above tips are designed to keep them happy. You need to keep yourself happy too, though. With that in mind, don’t invite anybody that you wouldn’t feel comfortable being there. You might try to be the ‘bigger man,’ but a falling out could ruin your whole evening. All that effort… wasted! Also, make sure that all your guests get along swimmingly.

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