The Board Dudes- Dry-Erase Board Review

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If you are reading this then you probably hate that dreaded question as much as I do… The “whats for dinner question”. If you are reading this then you probably agree with me.  Because seriously, unless you enjoy discussing your dinner plans with all the members of your family every single night of the week, then you hate it with a passion like I do.
But lets dig even deeper into the possible financial side effects that this question may bring upon your family. What happens when we are disorganized about our weekly meals? It usually means that we don’t grocery shop right or according to our true needs.  It means that we just go to the store and grab a bunch of stuff that we “think” we need. We just figure we can plan our meals at a later time….right!
Well let me introduce you to “The Board Dudes“, and no, it is not a new kids TV show. They are actually this super nice dry-erase boards designed by one of the biggest names in family oriented household products, MEGA. The Board Dudes allowed my wife and I to actually sit down with our board, converse about the meals we wanted during the week, and have it in writing. Now there is no last minute decision making or wondering. But the best part is (well besides not having to hear that dreaded question) that after writing it all down on our board, we were able to make an outlined, clear and precise grocery shopping list! Yup I said it, a headache-free shopping list… I know what you are thinking… LIES! Nope, already on our second biweekly shopping trip, and its never been easier, we make our meal plan, we write down our list, we go to the store, we shop for what we need, we SAVE money!  Thank you Board Dudes!  Check out our Magnetic Dry Erase/Cork Weekly Planner:
Not only are The Boards Dudes great looking boards that accentuate your decor, but they also help us stay organized with life in general, kids appointments, school meetings, work meetings, and sport practices!  You name it, you can do it with The Board Dudes!
It even teaches your little ones a thing or two about organization and character.  You can easily use your Board Dudes as a chore-chart as we did with our 9 year old.  She can track progress of when she takes out the trash, does the dishes, vacuums, etc. and it does it in a way that they enjoy it and receive much needed visual feedback.
(Don’t mind the mess)
So, please, after all I said… do yourself and your family the favor of not asking, “What’s for dinner?” and save some precious dollars along the way.   Get a hold of your “Board Dudes” as soon as you can and keep your life organized!
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