Simple DIY Jobs That Will Impress Your Family

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Would you like to make improvements to your family home ahead of your Christmas party? Most people want to ensure every member of their group is impressed when they come around for the celebrations. Thankfully, there are lots of simple ways in which you can create that effect using the DIY method. You still have a couple of weeks before the big day, and so now is the time to get started. The ideas on this page should give you some inspiration.


  • Replace your carpets with solid timber flooring

Solid timber flooring could add an extra element of something special to your home. It’s more durable than cheap laminate alternatives, and it’s also very easy to clean. The manager of Quality Discount Timber told us sales always increase at this time of the year. Apparently you’re not the only people who like to make improvements just before Christmas. You could pay a professional to lay the flooring and fix it into place. However, anyone who wants to save money should try to handle the job themselves. You just need to purchase the right tools from your local DIY store.



  • Add a breakfast bar to your kitchen

No matter how much you plan for your Christmas party, there are never enough seats for everyone. That’s because some people will bring their partners, and others might have a few kids. Adding a breakfast bar to your kitchen will mean your family has somewhere to eat together in the mornings. However, it will also mean you have some extra seating and dining space for all your guests. My husband had to remove a door last year to create an extra table. It would have been so much easier if we installed a breakfast bar ahead of time.


  • Hang mirrors to make your home appear spacious

Hanging mirrors is always a good idea if you want your home to look bigger. It could also help you to brighten your space. Just look online to find the best deals and ensure you don’t pay over the odds. Even people with the worst DIY skills should know how to hammer a nail into the wall. Make sure you take notice of the weight to guarantee the mirror doesn’t fall off and break. Sometimes you might need longer nails or brackets to keep everyone safe.


  • Create bespoke picture frames

Anyone could make bespoke picture frames with the right materials and inspiration. Your family photographs should take pride of place in your lounge. So, wouldn’t it be great to put them into frames you made yourself? All you need is some wood; a saw, and some glue to get started. Of course, it’s wise to draw your design on paper and work out the measurements first to ensure you have everything you need.

Those simple DIY jobs should be enough to ensure your family feel impressed when they visit this Christmas. Just remember you are not limited to the ideas and concepts on this page. There are a million and one ways to improve your property without spending a fortune, and sometimes you need to think outside of the box. That is often how you will get the best results.



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