Save Energy And Money With These Green Tips

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A lot of people don’t have the time to try and go green because they have more important issues to tackle. The kids are a big enough job as it is with the amount of time and effort they need, but then you have to maintain the house too. For most people, maintaining the house comes down to one thing – ease. What are the quickest and easiest ways to keep your home in top condition?

However, that option is often the most harmful to the environment. You probably think why you should bother about the planet, and the simple answer is money. If you don’t want to save the environment, you can save your bank balance with these eco-friendly tips.

Use The Fireplace More Often

Do you have a fire ready and raring to burn some logs? Good, because a fire is a great energy saver and a great money saver also. For starters, as long as you burn wood, the emissions do not have as much as an impact on the environment unlike burning gas. And, a fire will heat the whole house at a much cheaper rate. Unlike gas and electric, you can get wood for free by cutting down trees. Energy doesn’t come much cheaper than that!

Block The Chimney

Unless you are expecting Santa to come early this year, there is no need to leave your chimney open. Because heat rises, an open chimney is one of the biggest causes of heat loss in the house. So, all that good work you have put in to go green will soon disperse through your roof. When you block the energy leaks in your home, you don’t need to use as much energy to keep warm. The result is that you reduce your carbon footprint and save a bucket load of cash in the process.

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Replace The Boiler

Old boilers, in particular, are not financially efficient. In fact, there is a lot of research that suggests most boilers are not energy or financially efficient. Unless you have a tankless hot water heater, your boiler will heat up a big amount of water in one go. Because your hot water needs differ from day to day, you could end up heating water three or four times a day. A tankless water heater only heats water as and when you require. That means you don’t waste energy and spend money heating water you don’t need. It is incredibly simple and effective.

Cavity Insulation

Like the roof, the walls contribute to heat transfer and heat loss. In fact, a house that doesn’t have its cavities insulated can spend an additional $200 a year on energy bills. That might not seem like a huge sum of money, but that is only one aspect of your home’s energy needs. Put it together with three or four other things and you could save up to $800 a year. And there is no excuse because companies will come around and insulate your house for free.

All you need to do is give them a call.

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