Practical Things You Can Do In The Home To Support Your Child’s Educational Achievement

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As a parent, we can spend a lot of time instilling in our children how important their education is. We remind them to try their best at school even if they don’t like a subject, and ask the teachers for help when they are unsure of something. But not all of a child’s educational achievement is based on what they do at school. Some things at home can also play a part too. That is why it is vital that as parents we get the home part right, so they have a better chance getting the school part right, on a day to day basis.


What our kids eat, affects how well they concentrate. That means it is the duty of a parent to ensure that they are supplying them with access to regular healthy meals. Yes, it can be a battle making sure that they have breakfast before they leave the house. But it is such a fantastic way of helping them to maintain their concentration through the day.

Of course, it doesn’t matter that the odd treat or junk food meal should happen from time to time. Remember kids are much more likely to rebel against the rules, if there is no built-in safety valve for the odd misstep here and there.



One of the most vital things you can do at home as a parent, is to make sure that you kids get a good night’s sleep regularly. Both school and being a child is pretty draining, so they need more sleep than adults anyway.

You can improve their sleep time and quality by making their bedrooms pleasant. Paint them in relaxing color of the child’s choice. Get them a good quality bed and check out sites like Best Of Mattress to get some information before you buy. Being comfortable in their bedroom will help them to wake refreshed and full of energy for each day of school.

Rest And Fun Time

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Remember too that ‘all work and no play makes Jonny a dull boy.’ If you are so focused on grades and achievements that all of your child’s time is full up with a study, it can be very damaging.

Firstly no one can study all the time, as eventually, the information will just stop sticking. Everyone needs a rest! Secondly, it will put you child under so much pressure that they will come to resent the studying take up all of their time. Which cause them to be anxious or to lose motivation.

Extra Curricular Activities

Any parent knows that colleges aren’t just looking for children with educational achievements. But they also want to see that they have the necessary character to succeed in a college environment.

This mean that they look on kids that have a job, or that help out in the community favorable. It’s because it shows that they are capable of committing to something and seeing it through. It also indicates that they are varied and balanced individuals who will be able to adapt themselves to the college environment.

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So it can be a good idea to encourage your child to get a job outside of school. Or you could even use your home as a base in which they can help others in the community like feeding programs or clothing drives.


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