Maxing Out Home Entertainment For Family Fun

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What’s a home to you? Is it a place of safety? Is it warmth and comfort? A home is many things to many different people across the world – and with the more money you have to inject into that home, the more things you can mold it into. A den for your hobbies, a workshop for your interests, or a hub of entertainment. It’s that last point we will focus on today – because a home full to the brim with entertainment is a good place to be. It’s time to take home entertainment, within the home, to the limits and start having more fun!

Firstly, let’s talk music. Everybody loves a bit of music. We can go analog through record players, or digital through modern connections – either way, it doesn’t matter much. If you want to play tunes throughout your house, Bluetooth speaker systems that link through the main rooms (bathroom, lounge and kitchen – maybe outside as well?) are a really good investment. The best looking speakers are the roof implanted ones, but this takes a lot of work. Corner speakers are a great investment, ones that you can setup simply by putting in a battery and drilling it into the apex of the wall. A professional installment is costly, but will no doubt look better on your walls. As for playback – the main hub speaker is needed for digital devices – you can hook this up to your phone or Spotify easily. CD players and record players can also be played through Bluetooth systems, so dust off that old collection of LP’s!

Disk Stereo Turntable Vinyl Record Player


Most of the entertainment we consume is through visual means, and sometimes this means that a TV hanging on the wall isn’t good enough, not for us – nor the films that we are watching. If you’re aiming high, you might want to find out how to build the home theater of your dreams, but also think about the tech you’ll need to boost your films and games.

4K TV has been ‘in’ for a while now. HDR technology paired with 4K means that TV and games are going to look better than ever. You might not need a 4K set right now, but it’s good to protect against the future, so you aren’t spending over and over again. Mostly, media players are going to be digital – we are moving away from discs, especially DVD’s and we are moving away from Blu Ray players. We may have a 4K disc soon, but it’s likely that so-called ‘SuperHD’ will be mainly kept on digital platforms like Netflix. Entertainment computers with Kodi can also keep track of your digital apps – a single place for Amazon, Youtube and Netflix. Gaming is moving forward as well – with the PS4 Pro and The Xbox One X taking games into the future.


It will cost you, but maxing out your entertainment in the home is a great idea to bring your family together and to have more fun in the home – just don’t become a couch potato!


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