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We all know how to keep ourselves healthy – take regular exercise, eat right and get enough sleep.  But what about your home? Are you undoing all your hard work by living in an unhealthy environment? Check out these everyday things that could help you live a healthier and happier life.

fakefeatherdusterCourtesy of Maid To Shine Cleaners
Keep your house dust free
Nobody wants to spend their lives dusting but dust can be a real problem in the home if left unchecked.  It can cause problems with skin and breathing allergies in children as well as clog up the systems we use in our house to keep it cool and comfortable. Dust particles could also hide more nasty air pollutants so keep your air fresh and bust the dust.

Avoid clutter
If you live in a busy household you might find clutter builds up quickly. Toys and shoes are the biggest culprits and whilst on their own they seem innocuous when left on stairs and steps they can be a real trip hazard, which could lead to a nasty fall and time in A&E.  Get into the habit of clearing stuff away as you use it – encourage the children to do the same – and you will avoid unnecessary bumps and sprains.

Keep Medication and chemicals out of reach
Medicines and chemicals are part of our everyday life and most of them are harmless in small quantities. But in the wrong hands they could be lethal. Ensure you keep medicines and household chemicals such as cleaning fluids in a secure cupboard well out of the reach of children.

Be vigilant for hidden problems

Your home might be harboring hidden problems like mould, dry rot or even termites and you might not know you have a problem until it’s too late and costly structural damage has occurred. If you spot any signs of water damage, a moldy residue and smell or wood that seems out of shape and discoloured you could have any of these hidden problems and it’s time to call in the professionals. For mold and dry rot you should contact your insurance company immediately as this can be expensive. If you suspect termites you can contact a specialist such as Terminix to help keep your home safe and structurally sound.

Be alarmed

Alarms protect your family and that’s a fact. You can get alarms that detect fire, gas, carbon dioxide and many other household threats. You can often install the alarms yourself and they are relatively cheap to purchase.  Alarms should be regularly checked and maintained for peace of mind. They can even save you money on your home insurance!

Maintain a healthy approach
As with personal health it is not enough to remember these things once.  All of these require regular maintenance to be effective. Maintenance is also important in your home and there are some repair problems you should never ignore. Maintain a healthy approach and you and your family can enjoy your home and good health.

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