Jet-Set And Ready: What You Must Do Before You Travel

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There are plenty of stresses brought to us by modern life. The constant buzz of work and a boisterous family. How does one get away from it all? The rush and stresses of life?


It’s the great get-away to places unknown (or known). It’s an excellent way to give back, find yourself and develop new skills. Travel might very well be a key part in your personal growth. Not only that, but you can flee the stresses of your normal life for an adventure in a distant land.

No matter if it’s an all-expenses cruise or a backpacking holiday where you have to really get your hands dirty, travel is an amazing way to truly escape into a world of wonder.


But hold your horses! It’s all good having your head in the clouds thinking of your next destination, but there’s some serious groundwork you have to lay before you can jet off. Not only that, but there is a lot you have to consider.

Firstly, plan your luggage and pack lightly. Don’t be the guy/girl carrying eighteen packs around. Traveling isn’t really about carrying stuff. It’s about enjoying yourself and exploring, and you can’t do that under the strain of heaving loads of luggage. If you can afford to leave something at home, leave it at home. There’s no excuse for bringing a laptop, a tablet, a camera and a smartphone when just the small smartphone will suffice for every job! Having your luggage packed well before your departure will save you a lot of issues.

Plan well for your getaway – this will make your journey so much easier if you know exactly where you are going and when. Have your routes to and from the airport planned out and pre-book your trips to the airport via taxis or transfers if you can. It’s all about putting in the work before it actually becomes a headache!


There are two forms of research you must do – once for fun and once for coping. Fun research involves having a long look at your destination and planning your itinerary – where will you visit, what will you do? This is essential as you’re not going away to stare at a wall for a week! Find some fun activities to take part in and have a look at the restaurants around your hotel. Google Maps can help here as it can recommend the best food and restaurants near your hotel based on reviews. The other form of research here is coping – do you understand the language? What are the local customs? Is there any danger? Do you need to get vaccinated for or protect yourself from diseases like hepatitis c sofosbuvir? This is important to know!

Planning, preparation and research are three things you must do before your next vacation. Yes, it’s work, but performing it in advance is going to make sure you have the getaway of a lifetime!


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