Is There Such A Thing As A Perfect Family Holiday?

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family-2532849_960_720The perfect family picture or are you all wishing you were anywhere but here?  (image)

Is it possible to have a perfect family holiday? To be honest, we don’t need to tell you, as you can probably give us an answer yourself. And that answer is probably….no! Don’t stop reading just yet, however, as we do have some useful tips for you in a moment. But the reason why a perfect family holiday isn’t possible is because…

  1. a) there is no such thing as perfection
  2. b) you are travelling with other human beings

Think about your family vacations. Did any of the following things happen?

– Your kids didn’t want to go to your chosen destination.

– Your children squabbled with you, each other and at the world itself when they discovered there was no wifi.

– Your accommodation didn’t quite match the brochure.

– You ran out of money, probably because your kids wanted to do absolutely EVERYTHING!!

Did any of the above sound familiar? If not, then you must be doing something right. Still, if you have yet to find perfection, there are ways you can attain some kind of holiday nirvana. Not everything will go perfectly – such is family life – but you can make life easier for yourself. For example, you should put the following into practice.

– Talk about where you want to go as a family. It’s no good choosing somewhere that the kids will find ultra-boring (another walking holiday) and you shouldn’t only focus on what the children want (yet another theme park). Choose somewhere that will tick the right boxes for all of you, providing something approximating a stress-free holiday. It is possible, kind of!

– Plan the journey. The more preparation you can do, the better. Bring snacks and games along for the kids, work out rest-stops if you’re travelling by car, and pack a first-aid kit for any health emergencies, such as bee stings, sunburn, and travel sickness. If you plan for disaster, you can reduce disaster.

– Stay in a family friendly hotel. Unless you are planning on spending your holiday as a family in a tent or caravan, you should probably book a hotel. Not every hotel is accommodating of children, so find a place where your little ones are welcome, such as the Albany Marriott. Ensure there are facilities to keep your kids entertained, such as a swimming pool or games room, and book a separate room for your children so you’re not crammed together in one living space.

– Don’t spend a fortune. You don’t have to give your family the best that money can buy, as there is more to a holiday than luxury and shopping. A camping trip can be a great bonding experience, for example, as you toast marshmallows over a fire and enjoy somewhere scenic. Money is the source for a lot of stress, so visit somewhere where you won’t be forced to break the bank.

– Unplug from the world. A family holiday is about creating happy memories, and you won’t have as many if you are all glued to your smartphones for the duration. Limit your internet use to your private time, and spend the rest of the time plugged to each other rather than the wifi.

And so…

Don’t strive for perfection. The higher your expectation, the more disappointment you will feel. It’s unlikely the holiday will be 100% perfect, but you should go with the flow, no matter the ups and downs. You can have a great holiday, but see beyond the squabbles and mishaps that befall you. They are all part of the experience anyway. Still, if you do have ideas of your own for a perfect holiday, be sure to let us know!


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