How to Teach Your Children Respect for Nature

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Teaching your child to respect nature means teaching them to be global citizens. There are creatures and ecosystems around the world that are in danger, and the first step to helping these creatures is to know about them. Learning about nature, about the creatures that inhabit this planet, and most importantly, how humanity is impacting them, is crucial for a child. They don’t have to save the world, but they should know what they can do to do their part on making the earth a better place.

  1. Adopt a Pet

Pets are a great way to teach a child about responsibility. Most children typically want a puppy. Instead of simply getting one for them (that you will likely have to take care of) get them a series of pets that they must take care of themselves. Start with something small, like a goldfish, and then move up to a rodent like a hamster. Don’t take care of their pet for them – they must be the one to clean out their cage or bowl, the one who must feed them, and the one who must take care of them.

  1. Grow Something

Another great way to teach your child to respect nature is to grow food. Growing food lets your child see first-hand the process and effort it takes to put every item on their plate. They will also learn about how to grow their own food, about the process and the techniques they need. Gardening can also be very therapeutic and can provide them with good skills later in life.

  1. Take Them to an Aquarium

Aquariums’ main goal is to teach people about the creatures of the deep. They are there to conserve the species and to inform people on the creatures and their habitats. Teaching your child to respect nature means teaching them to be mindful and aware of the creatures that they live with on this planet. It means understanding ecosystems and understanding how we as humans are impacting those ecosystems. Aquariums want you to Learn More about the fascinating creatures of the deep and their habitats.

  1. Let Them Play Outdoors

One of the greatest teachers is pain. As much as you might want to protect your child from any dangers they may face outside, you need to let them go. Your child is going to get hurt out there – and that’s okay! They need to learn their limits and how to interact with the world around them. Let them play outside. Let them play in the fields, in the woods, let them explore the world around them and learn to respect it on their own terms.

Respecting nature goes together with respecting others. It’s so important to learn from each other and to understand the behaviors and opinions of those around us (especially if we disagree with them). Respecting nature is the first step, because not only will it make them better global citizens, it will also help them prepare for adulthood.

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