How to Live a More Sustainable Life

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It is an alarming fact that our way of life is threatening the future of our planet. Changes need to be made now to protect our environment for our children, and for their children. By making a few simple changes and leading a more sustainable life, we can make a difference.

Make Do and Mend

Don’t be too quick to throw things away if they can be mended. How often have you discarded socks or sheets because they had a hole? Many items can be mended with a few stitches. If items are beyond repair, then try and find an alternative use for them. Torn sheets can be cut up into washcloths or similar. Plastic pots and bottles can be used as planters. Before discarding, ask yourself if items can be reused.

Collect Water

Consider collecting water in the garden. This can be used in the summer months to water the plants. Or consider a more sophisticated water tank from The Water Tank Factory. This would significantly decrease your water consumption.

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Grow Your Own Food

Growing your own fruit and veg will cut down on packaging and transportation costs. It will also cut down on fuel consumption and emissions from these processes. You will also know exactly what is going into your food and how it has been produced. Start small with a few herb pots and tomato plants and gradually expand.

Cut Down on Takeaways

Cutting down on takeaways helps reduce fuel consumption, carbon emissions and packaging. Cook food yourself when you can. This will also save you money and will benefit your health.

Cut Down on Paper Towels

It’s true that paper towels come in very handy for messes and spills. But it’s surprising how many we get through in the space of a week. Try replacing them with cheap, washable cloths. They do the same job, but they can be washed and used repeatedly.

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Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Rather than buying supermarket cleaning products, make your own. They are just as effective and contain less harmful chemicals. This article will help get you started. Also, read our article on making your home more eco-friendly.


Unplug electrical items when they’re not in use. Many items that are plugged in go into standby mode and are still consuming electricity. Save money and resources by unplugging them.

Think Before You Travel

Most modes of transport consume fuel and release emissions into the atmosphere. This includes your car. Is it necessary to take the car to the shops? Can you walk instead? When traveling to work consider car sharing or taking public transport. Dust off your bicycle and put it to good use.

Cut Down on Printing

Cut down on the number of documents you print. Think before printing and ask yourself whether you need a hard copy.

All these little changes accumulate. Over a few weeks or months, they can make a real impact on the environment. Imagine if everyone adopted a more sustainable lifestyle? Many of the suggestions have multiple benefits such as promoting a simpler and healthier way of life. Not everything will be relevant to you and so pick out the tips that will benefit you and your family. There are no excuses. If you want to pass on a habitable planet, then you need to make changes now.


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