How To Get That Beach Ready Body

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You may be about to book a vacation in the sun, or even about to embark on one. It’s a great time of year to head to a sunny coast and top up your natural tan. There’s plenty to do to get your body ready for the beach. And there’s plenty of shopping to do for all your beach fashion essentials.

Start with your legs. These are often covered up in wintry environments. That means they’re prone to dryness and color fade. Exfoliate carefully to get rid of all those dead skin cells on top. It will also help improve the circulation around those dry areas to prevent it happening again. Next, apply a light moisturizer to replenish gently the skin at first. Once the skin is even again, you can get on with some hair removal.

Smooth and soft legs don’t come naturally, unfortunately. We poor girls have to work at it! When they’re in a fuzz free state, it’s time to use a good, heavy moisturizer. Choose something with a hint of tan to bring some glow back to your pins. Alternatively, a nourishing tanning lotion could be just the thing you need. Don’t forget your feet and toes if you like to walk barefoot in the sand.

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Fashion for legs on the beach is really simple. To wrap or not to wrap. If you’re a little self-conscious, or you’re going to pop into the bar, a wrap can provide you with enough coverage to feel comfortable. A light cotton material is often ideal, but they’re hard to keep looking ironed over the course of the day. You can find rip curl maxi skirts online that will make a statement and continue to look fresh all night long as well. Short throw-over dresses could be a great alternative.

Arms and underarms are more noticeable if the skin is in poor condition. Give yours an extra layer of rich moisturizer before starting your tan routine. Shoulders are prone to burn, especially if yours have been covered up for a while. Use a protective moisturizer here until you’re ready to face the sun. It should help prepare the skin for the UV blast. It’s always best to use a high SPF with extra filters if you can.

If you’re looking for more shapely arms, you could try curling with some light hand weights. Your choice of fashion will also help make the most of your natural shape. A higher neckline and wider shoulder straps, like on a tank top, will flatter shoulders and arms well. Strapless bikini tops can look gorgeous on slim girls while a halter neck all-in-one looks amazing for girls with curves.

Now all you need to remember is to drink plenty of water, use a good quality sunscreen, and where a beach hat. Getting ready for a beach holiday or vacation takes only a little time to get fabulous results. Feeling relaxed and confident in the sun while you’re away is essential for a good vacation. Get that beach body ready!

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