How to Choose Your Utilities Provider

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When we talk about home utilities, we’re talking about electricity, gas and water. These are things that we all use in the home. And we have to pay a lot of money for them as well. To save cash and get the best deal, you need to know how to choose the right provider.

Decide Between Fixed and Variable Prices

There are two main options to weigh up before you sign a deal: a fixed price deal or a variable one. There are major advantages and disadvantages of both, so what are they? Well, fixed price deals will make sure that the price you pay stays exactly the same for the length of the contract. This gives you safety and certainty against price rises. But you also run the risk of missing out on price drops.

The variable price option is the opposite. The price on a variable deal can change at any time, and you have no real control over it. The price of your electric might drop one month and rise the next. This certainly doesn’t give you any certainty or security, but it can be good for some people.

Read the Terms Carefully

When you sign a contract with a utility provider, you need to know exactly what you’re signing up to. If you don’t read and (this bit’s crucial) understand the terms, you could find yourself in a tricky situation later down the line. There are some things that you might not think about when signing up, but they could become important later on.

One of these things is the opt-out clause. Some providers will try to make you sign up to a minimum commitment to the deal. This means you can’t leave the deal without incurring a penalty. This makes it very difficult and costly for you to switch provider if you’re not happy with the service you’re receiving.

Compare Prices

There are lots of comparison websites out there. I’m sure you will have heard of them before, but how many people actually use them? When you are struggling to choose between providers, these websites can be a real help. All the providers will try to tell you that they’re the best option, but only the facts tell the truth.

Those facts can be found on comparison websites. All you have to do is log on, enter what you’re looking for, and the website will show you which provider is the cheapest for you. Of course, you have to do more research than that because the cheapest is not always the best. You should read the terms and conditions carefully as I mentioned above.

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Consider Renewables

Your reliance on energy providers can be dramatically reduced if you don’t rely on old-fashioned forms of energy so much. Nowadays, it’s possible to create and generate your own energy in a renewable and sustainable way. This is something that everyone should consider, whether you’re interested in being green or not.

It doesn’t have to be about hugging trees and loving the planet (although there’s nothing wrong with that!); it can be about saving money. If you generate your own electricity using solar panels, you won’t have to pay so much money to the utility providers. You can even sell what you don’t use!


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