Feeling Low? Check Out Our Top Tips For Picking Yourself Back Up Again

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Everybody has low moments in their lives. For some of us, those moments can last days or even weeks. Some of them are caused by changes in our hormones. Others are brought on by events in our lives. Whatever the cause of your low mood, there are some things you can do to help pick yourself up. Check out our top ten ways to feel a little better today:

Exercise – Getting your heart rate up and keeping it up for at least thirty minutes will cause endorphins to be released. These happy hormones will help you feel good about the hard work you’ve just put in.

Diet – Some foods are known for their ability to make us feel better. Chocolate can be helpful, but binge eating can make you feel worse. Probiotics work quickly to reduce that full feeling in your tummy. A happy tummy can lead to a happy you! Green tea and lots of fruits can also improve your mood quite quickly.

Breathe – Some breathing techniques are thought to offer clarity of thought. If your mind is going haywire, try some cleansing Yoga-style breathing techniques to provide calm and relaxation.

Meditate – Meditation is also thought to be a good way to improve your mood. For those who are struggling to stay calm, meditation can recenter you and provide stillness.

Journal – Writing your feelings down can be very therapeutic. Journaling can help with bereavement during the anger stages. This is because we are reluctant to speak ill of those who have passed on. A private few words on paper that can then be destroyed will help you get that anger out without anyone else finding out.

Cuddles – Big hugs can help you calm down, relax, and improve your mood in just a few seconds. It doesn’t make much difference who you hug either. Comforting physical contact can affect our mood in a positive way. Sometimes a stuffed animal will do!

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Counseling – Talking through what is bothering you is a very healthy way of tackling a low mood. We don’t tend to slump down over just one thing. It takes several issues to knock us down into a grump. According to Idaho Falls Counseling you can make positive changes in your life this way.

Cat – Stroking a cat can have quite a substantial impact on your mood, providing you’re not allergic! The fur is tactile and warm. But it’s the purr the cat offers in reward that can have the best effect. Some studies suggest the frequency of the purr has a profound, positive effect on the brain, lifting your mood instantly.

Music – Not only can listening to music affect our mood but so can making music. If you can play a musical instrument, you can almost forget what was bothering you as you thrash out your favorite pieces.

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Cry – Unbelievably, crying can make you feel better! Sometimes, just letting it all out is a good release.

Some of these might not be a permanent solution to a low mood. But all of them can help pick you up a little today. Feel better.

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