Eat Your Greens: How to Encourage the Kids to Eat More Healthily

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“Eat your greens!” is an adage that many parents live by. But, what to do when your kids refuse to eat the healthy foods on their plate? It can drive us to the brink of despair. After all, you want your children to grow up to strong and healthy. A diet of bread crumbs can play havoc with that.

Getting kids to eat their fruit and vegetables can be problematic. Tackling the problem of fussy eating is not something that can be done overnight. But, there are some great ways that you can encourage a healthier lifestyle all-round.

Give Fruit as a Pudding

We often reward kids with dessert for eating their dinner. But, many of us give sweet treats. We’re all guilty of it. Make sure that you are encouraging your kids to eat more fruit by giving them a fruit salad as a pudding or dessert. Make it colourful, so that it looks appealing. Grapes, strawberries and bananas are all rich in their colour. The bright look of fruit can be appealing for kids. So, ditch the chocolate and make sure that you are giving fruit as a pudding. This is a great way of encouraging them to eat more carefully and healthily.

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Make it Fun!

Fruit and vegetables don’t have to be boring. A great way of making sure that your kids eat their greens is all in the presentation. Make smiley faces on their plate using vegetables of different colours. Think about their favourite animals or hobbies, and use the vegetables to create the shapes on their plate. This can be time-consuming. But, the rewards can be beneficial. Kids often see vegetables as dull. So, jazz up dinner times and encourage them to eat their greens.

Grow Your Own Greens

Getting the kids involved with growing their own fruit and vegetables is one of the best ways to encourage them to ditch their fussy eating habits. They will take an enormous amount of pride in their produce. Plus, they get to eat it afterwards! Growing fruit in your garden is easy. You don’t need a raft of expensive equipment. A small plot of land and grow lighting can ensure that you are on your way to having a house full of healthy eaters. They will love the messy element of this!

Expose Your Kids to Different Food Stuffs Early On

For many children, the texture of fruit and vegetables can be off-putting. The key is to ensure that you introduce them to various food stuffs at an early stage. You can puree the food to make sure that they are getting nutritional foods. But, you can also ensure that you are introducing different kinds of foods at an early age. The more accessible you find fruit and vegetables, the easier it will be to feed your kids.

The Reward Chart System

Reward charts can be beneficial for fussy eaters. Give out stickers and stars every time they eat their greens. Make sure that you follow up with praise. The key is to not lose your temper. This can have a negative impact on your child’s relationship with food.



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