Common Mistakes That All Lens Wearers Should Avoid

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Contact lenses have become a revolutionary product in the eyewear industry. They allow glasses wearers some freedom from their frames while still ensuring they can see clearly. You might wear them to improve your appearance or to suit your lifestyle better. Whatever the reason if they work for you that’s great. However, wearing contact lenses doesn’t come without it’s difficulties. It’s easy to make mistakes with their care and upkeep, but some of these can be serious enough to damage your eyes permanently. Here are some of the most common mistakes made by lens wearers and how to avoid them and protect your vision.

Using water for cleaning

Even though water is perfectly safe for us to drink and wash with, using it to clean contact lenses is a bad idea. Water is not sterile, and most water sources contain a micro-organism called Acanthamoeba. If this gets into your eye, it can develop into an eye infection that is pain full and takes a long time to treat. Your lenses create tiny scratches on your cornea that make a perfect place for the micro-organism to spread and develop. To avoid this always wash and store your contacts in a sterile solution and never wash them in the shower or sink. For additional protection always what your hands when removing or inserting your lenses.

Sleeping in your contacts

If your lenses are comfortable, it can be easy to forget that you have them in. Falling asleep while still wearing your lenses is a common thing to happen. But it is not good for your eyes. Your cornea needs oxygen to stay healthy, and your lenses deprive your eyes of this. It’s ok during the day but when your lids are closed, it can irritate your cornea further. This again can cause inflammation and infection. To help you avoid leaving your lenses in, set an alarm to remind you to remove them. This could be on your phone or a clock in your bedroom. Or leave a note for yourself in your bathroom, so you see it before you go to bed. It’s a simple mistake to make but can be sorted easily with a useful reminder.

Using unbranded products

It’s unwise to buy contact lenses that are unbranded as you cannot determine their quality. They may save you some money, but they could cause significant damage to your eyesight. You also cannot alway be certain that these contacts are suitable for your prescription. Which could mean further straining of your eyes. Also, if you buy unbranded coloured lenses, the paint on them may flake off causing pain and stress to your eye. Many online discount suppliers sell industry approved products like acuvue contacts. Ask your optician for their recommendations and avoid cheaper unbranded options completely.

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Hopefully, this guide hasn’t put you off wearing your contacts. If you clean them regularly, store them in a hygienic place and don’t forget about them then you will have nothing to worry about. You’ll continue to have healthy eyes and see as clearly as possible.

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