4 Fab Activities For Playful Pups

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We all know that puppies are full of energy. From the time they wake up to the time they go to bed, they can’t help but be enthusiastic. It’s one of the reasons we’re dog people. The love they emit is like no other animal, including human beings at points! As an owner, it’s imperative that you give them the opportunity to run and jump and play and release the tension. Otherwise, the energy will turn into stress and will have a negative effect on their mental and physical health. If you’re looking for puppy-friendly inspiration, the ideas below should help.


However you like to move, the pup will come along for the ride too. Have you ever seen the people jogging down the road with their dog ambling by their side? It looks as if the pooch is struggling to keep up, but remember that dogs are faster than humans. If they want to, they can turn on the afterburners and sprint off into the distance, dragging their owner along with them! Dog tips by Nina Lyman suggest using a quality leash for safety and comfort reasons. That way, every time you work out, the dog can participate also. Think of it as an excuse to exercise more. After all, it’s for the sake of the little cutie.

Go To The Park/Beach

Whichever one is closer is fine, or whichever one exists in the vicinity. Not everyone is lucky enough to live next to a beach. Whereas the first tip involved dog and owner side-by-side, this is far less strenuous for the human. In this case, you can simply let the pooch off the leash and watch as they bound around on the sand or grass. Now, it’s vital that you are attentive because there are dangers. Plenty of dogs on beaches, for example, swim too far out and get stuck. At the park, they have been known to rush children. It should be fine though as long as you know their location.

Playing Pet Sand Puppy Canine Beach Ball Dog

Playing Pet Sand Puppy Canine Beach Ball Dog


Play Hide And Seek

Who doesn’t like a session of this family favorite? Canines love it too because they get to hone their natural instincts. Hide and seek, for instance, heightens their hunting senses. Plus, it allows them to use their strong sense of smell to track their “prey.” This is a two-player game, so you’ll need a friend or your partner to help. Start by holding a pair of hands over the dog’s eyes while one of you finds a hiding place. Then, when the pooch is on the loose, quietly say he/her name until it rumbles you.

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One brilliant way to release energy is to listen and do. Quite simply, these are the things dog do when they are learning the rules of the house. “Sit”, “lie down” and “roll over” are commands that involve physical activity. The tricks should get more and more complex as the dog’s level of ability grows. As far as exercise goes, this is up there as one of the best as it combines activity with practicality.

What are the activities you like to partake in with your pet?

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