4 Careers That Will Allow You To Travel

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Are you travelling for business or pleasure? Why not both? I can’t be the only out there thinking about how to make money while travelling the globe. That way, you get the best of both worlds. You’ll have a stable career while you get to visit a lot of new and wonderful places. I’ve been thinking about this idea a lot lately because I know a lot of people want to see more of the world. If they had the money they needed, they’d be able to. With that in mind here are some of the best careers that allow travelling.

Flight Attendant

I would certainly recommend this career to anyone who loves travelling. But, you should also enjoy the feeling you get as the plane lifts into the air. Don’t expect that thrill and excitement to last forever though. You’ll get over it and be left with the joy of going to different places everyday of your life. The disadvantage of course, is that you might only get one or two days in each location. Sometimes you might get a few hours but the definite advantage is that you won’t be paying for the experience. They’ll be paying you. You do have to be a people person though. You must be willing and able to speak to a large variety of different individuals.

Offshore Worker

If it bothers you that you won’t get much chance to explore the different places, why not work offshore. By working offshore, you’ll be in one place for weeks but, it won’t be close to home. You’ll be somewhere in the ocean, not too far away from a brand new coastal location. Through the week, you’ll stay in living quarters offshore. But, at the weekend you’ll be able to explore the new location and find the different experiences that await you. You’ll also get a couple weeks holiday every two months. You can use that to explore whatever location you want.

Travel Blogger

Well, I have to mention this one. If you can make a successful blog, you can use it to fund your travels. Setting up a blog is easy. But then, you have to get the readers to make it a success. To attract them, you’ll have to think about what you’re writing and whether they’ll enjoy reading it. Remember the rule of quality over quantity. A lot of people make the mistake of filling their blog with rubbish. This won’t get you the readers or advertisers that you need. Of course, the best part of travel writing is that you can go wherever you want as long as it includes excitement and adventure.

Tourist Guide

Finally, you could consider working as a holiday guide. You’ll need skills in language and a good knowledge of where you are working. But, once you have that you can work anywhere in the world. The disadvantage is that you’ll probably be in one place for quite a while. But, once you get bored you can look for a new possibility in a different exotic location.

The world is full of possibilities if you’re looking to work and travel. Why not try one yourself?

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