An Interview with the Director and Producer of Disney’s Newest Movie Short, Feast #BigHero6Event

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Disclosure- I have been provided an all expense paid trip to Los Angeles for the Big Hero 6 movie premiere and ABC TV Event in exchange for coverage of these events.  All opinions are 100% my own.   Thank you so much Disney and ABC TV!

bigHero653da7d7b32142Hopefully you’ve already seen Big Hero 6 and the adorable movie short that precedes it, Feast, but if you haven’t here’s a little bit of what you’re missing.

Feast is the story of one man’s love life as seen through the eyes of his best friend and dog, Winston, and revealed bite by bite through the meals they share.  Winston is an adorable Boston Terrier who shares many different types of food with his owner, such as french fries and pasta.  When Winston’s owner gets a girlfriend we see the types of foods Winston is given changes to healthy foods like vegetables.  I don’t want to tell too much more and spoil the movie short for you but it is amazing just how much story can be told just through the food that is given to Winston.

Fun Facts about Feast:

~Winston is the first Boston Terrier featured in a Disney movie.

~The town in Feast is based on a college town called Oxford, Ohio.

~ It took 53 weeks from start of production to Feast’s premiere.

~ It took a team of around 7 key people plus lots of other people worked on Feast a little.

~Feast was created while other Disney movies were being made (such as Big Hero 6).  The people responsible for making Feast were also working on other bigger movie projects as well so production of Feast was worked around people being available to work on it.

~Feast showcases how a dog relates to it’s owner based on patterns in how he/she feeds it.

~All food in Feast was meant to look iconic so it was obvious within a second or two what food it was.

~Feast Fridays- Every Friday the crew of the movie would be gathered together to go over what was done during the week and one food from short would be served such as a waffle bar, carrots and humus, etc.feastOn the walls of the Disney Animation Studio.

bigHero653fe6fcc068adWinston waiting for some food.
bigHero653fe6fcc28f47Yummy french fry!
bigHero653da7d6ebd4b6Dog food with parsley on top which is a big symbol in Feast.
10541865_10105768843553094_7321783910585719871_oHere we are with Director Patrick Osborne and Producer Kristina Reed. 
10011971_10105768840663884_4664148364296373753_oProducer Kristina Reed and Director Patrick Osborne

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