The College Degrees That Are Perfect For Moms

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As a mom, there comes a time where you’ve served your tour of duty, so to speak. You’ve done your job as a parent, raising your child to become a fully functioning human being that can think and look after themselves. It’s a proud moment, but there’s a loneliness that comes when your child no longer demands your attention 24/7.

For many, a great way to fill the void is by going back to school and studying a degree. This allows you to get a well-paid job and live out some possible dreams you may have had. Keeping that in mind, here are a few degrees that are ideal for moms:


A degree in finance might sound boring, but you’ll be surprised at how suited you are to it as a parent. Needless to say, you will spend loads of time juggling the family’s finances and making budgets all year round. This sets you up for a job in the financial sector as an advisor for people!

To get a job as a financial advisor, you need to have a degree in finance or economics. These tend to be pretty straightforward, and you need to be good with numbers. To make things even better, these jobs are really well paid!


A nursing degree is perfect for a mom as you’ve pretty much spent many years being a part-time nurse for your child! You look after them when they’re sick, take their temperature, ensure they take their medication, etc. A lot of the skills you develop as a mom will translate into nursing.

On the educational side of things, you usually have to study to become a Registered Nurse before you can get on a BSN course. But, don’t worry, there are plenty of online RN BSN courses out there that you can complete in your own time to get the degree. It’s a rewarding career as you’re helping people in need, and the financial side is pretty impressive too!


Lastly, a teaching degree is brilliant as you’re basically a teacher to your kids anyway! Who taught them how to read and write? Who taught them how to count? It was all you, and it shows you have a knack for explaining things to kids. Not to mention all the homework you’ve helped them with over the years – you’ve literally been their home-teacher.

The brilliant thing about teaching degrees is that they’re in high demand right now. There’s something of a teaching crisis in that there are fewer teachers year by year. So, this is a great degree to study towards as the job outlook is more than positive.

Remember, college isn’t just for your kids – it’s for moms as well! There’s nothing wrong with going back to school to improve your education. In fact, if you get a degree, it can open the door to some amazing career opportunities. These three options are tailor made for mom’s as they call upon some of the key skills you’ve developed during your time as a parent.

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